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Back Tire Area Sqealing?


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hey guys im new to this forum and i dont know if this has been answered somewhere else.

i have a 1996 ES300 with a new engine 20k miles ago =). Every Week or so the back will just start making this annoying squealing that will go away after about 20 miles of driving but then will come back eventually in about a week, i am pretty sure its coming from the read drivers side, but it is beyond me, what the heck the problem is.

Thanks All,


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When you hear the noise, can you also feel some drag/decrease in acceleration? Do you use the parking brake? If so try not setting the brake and see if that changes the symptoms. I would suggest at the first opportunity, that you jack up the rear of the car. One side at a time (supporting the car on a jackstand), and spin the wheel by hand.. Then grab the wheel at 3 & 9 o'clock position and try pushing with one hand, pulling with the other, and then vice a versa. Then grab it at 6 & 12 o'clock and try the same thing. You should feel no discernible play in any direction. If you do feel play, or hear noise when you spin it you either have dragging brakes, or a wheel bearing problem.

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