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96 Es300 Radio And Ac Won't Shut Off


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Hi everyone

I have 1996 ES300, Love that car with all my hart, tranny like new, engine is smooth, perefect vehicle. Today i have run across one issue for the first time in 3 years. I was listening to the radio and when i shut the car off and went to the store i noticed that radio was still playing, first i thought it was in the car next to mine. But when i came back i noticed that radio was on even thought it is supose to shut off when you remove they key from ignition. Later that evening i noticed that besides the radio, the AC unit had the green light on and key lock was lit up also, even with removed key.

So now i have to turn off the radio when i leave the car and AC green light and key illumination also stay on.

I assume that it is a relay, so i went under the hood and tried to find that relay but no luck. I was cheking the map of relays but i do not think that there is one.

If anyone had a similar issue i would gladly appreciate your help.

Thank you very Much

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Thank you for your suggestion. As u might know when u leave headlights switch on and you remove the key and open the door of the car , then lights go out. Well they do go out fine. It's only AC and radio that are being on. I live in NY and recently we had a not as good of the weather (very cold). I blame cold weather for that. I am planning to take out the whole unit on saturday and check the connections to bolth radio and AC See what happens. But i would gladly appreciate if someone would have a map of wires that connect to Ac and radio so at least i can identify the remote wire that handles auto shut off when key's are out. Well what can i say.

Thank you again for your suggestion. I will definatelly take note of that, it makes sence.

The only things that are staying on is the green led on AC and radio can be turned off manually. Buttons do not stay on. Light shut off fine when door is opened and keys are out.

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might be an odd thought but try putting a little bit of wd 40

not too much as it is electrical contacts in the back of the cylinder

you say the green led is on but is the rest of the hvac controller also on?

i have a similar problem on my civic but it is caused by the metal contacts being damged in the key cylinder,it lets the car stat but as soonas you let go it dies.

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