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Has Anyone Tested The New Software Update


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According to http://www.lexus.com/floormats (which directs you to http://pressroom.toyota.com/pr/tms/lexus/l...px?ncid=12040):

"This system cuts engine power in case of simultaneous application of both the accelerator and brake pedals."

I'd like someone who had the software update tell us if this is, in fact, working as advertized.

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Anyone done a test going at a moderate speed and then applying the brakes? What happens? Does the gas pedal feel different while doing it?

I probably won't have mine done until my next service (2-3 months).

Yes it works, I have tried it. My mom has a 2008 ES350, I went over last weekend and my dad and I test drove her car.

The dealer did the update last week, I checked out the pedal it looked good to me, she has just regular floor mats.

We drove the car, I pushed the pedal to full throttle and took off, I then pushed the brake to slow down with the pedal still pushed to the floor. Within between 1 and 2 seconds the engine rpm dropped way down but the engine kept running. We drove the vehicle and performed this procedure several times, every time it responded the same. Every time the RPM dropped back and we slowed down. Interesting observation, when the pedal was fully pushed down and brake was pushed the RPM would drop way down, as soon as I let off the brake the RPM went back up. So if the pedal did really get stuck you would have to hold the brake on until completely stopped, continue holding the brake when stopped, place vehicle in park then shut it off. If you stopped this way the engine continues to run at the low rpm giving you full control of the vehicle, power brakes still work, power steering still works.

If you decide to test this please do it where their is no traffic. We did this out on country roads where no cars were around, we picked a long section of road with no curves and no other cars.

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