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"lexus Ebay Deals" Section Of The Forum


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Hey guys. I don't know if i've just never noticed it before or if it's new, but what's with the "Lexus Ebay Deals" section of this forum?

In it are a few posts with links to Lexus' being sold on ebay by a member called "Club-Bot".

Can anyone post with links to Lexus "parts" on ebay too? Or is it for certain members and only for actual "cars" being sold?


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Its a new advertising section. eBay pays the site for the right to feature some Lexus-related ebay postings in that forum.

I'm not sure whether members can specifically post their own Auctions...I will find out. I don't see why not...

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Oh nice!

So "Club-bot" is just ebay? So they take some random ebay items with the keyword "lexus" and advertise them on LOC?

Not a bad idea for the forum to get some money =)

When I login and view the section, the "new thread" button is illuminated, so I'd assume anyone could post/respond, but I'll wait for confirmation =)

I'm on ebay 24/7 constantly looking for rare items and such. If I find something rare or for a good price, is it OK to post? Might alert members on the forum to some nice stuff!

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