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Oil Drain Valve And Using Just A Little Oil


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Just curious, has anyone used a"quick oil drain valve" (www.quickoildrainvalve.com)? It is a valve that allows the oil to drain with just a turn. It has a two step locking mechanism and resembles a plumbing fitting. Seems like it would make an oil change easier, especially on a cold garage floor.

While on the subject of oil changes. After 175k, my '97 is using a very small amount of oil. At the 5000 mile change interval, I notice the oil is just a touch low. The distance between full and low is 2.5 centimeters, I am about 2 millimeters below full. I always fill with the recomended amount (5.4 quarts), but it is not an exact science. I presume it is not abnormal but I thought I'd ask.

Last item, I have thought of switching to synthetic but have figured it is too late. I know the issue has been covered here before, just interested in thoughts about changing at this late date. Thank-you.

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Interesting. I like the idea of directing the flow directly into the storage container rather than a pan.

I would be a little concerned about the galvanic action of brass threads on a steel pan over the long haul.

Concerning the 2mm of oil loss out of a 25 mm span, I would consider that very acceptable. In fact, I wish mine were that good. It is probably down about twice that but still not a problem.

There has been endless debate on this and other forums about synthetic vs dino and when to change. I use Mobil One and switched at 60k miles and 9 years. No

problems whatsoever. I use synthetic primarily because it gives me greater breathing room between changes. I like to change oil when the weather is warm. So Spring and Fall. If I go over 5k miles with dino, I am getting itchy to change it. With synthetic, I feel comfy going longer, maybe 7.5k if need be. But I always change every 6 months and that is usually around 5k miles.

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I understand your point. I do admit to cheating a little bit during the winter. I like to change the oil at 5000, so when that occurs during the winter I have it done at a local shop. I bring my Toyota filter and crush washer, they charge me a bit under $20. They let me go down into the pit to watch and get a good look at the underside of the car. I know many on these forums who would consider this practice sacreligious but it is usually one change per year and it works for me.

The longer I drive this car, the longer I think it will last.

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Let me just say that the concerns over switching from dyno to synthetic oils are pretty much myth, granted older generation synthetic oils did occasionally cause leaks. Most modern synthetic oils have enough additives to prevent shrinkage of seals. I proved the point by switching to synthetic at 257k miles on my LS400 and have yet to see a single leak. I've done the same numerous time on old BMWs too.

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Hi ...... regarding the switch to synthetic .... long story short, I did so on my LS400 about 40,000 miles ago when i started using Mobil 1. Then I found out about Royal Purple Synthetic. There is a very interesting YouTube video about Royal Purple that I hope you might take a look at ..... if you go to YouTube and type in "royal purple" in the search field ..... just look at the first video in the list that comes up. I think the title is ROYAL PURPLE ON V8 TV .... I have never seen any oil brand do a test such as what is shown in that video .... it is quite interesting.

Anyways .... so I made the switch into Royal Purple about a year ago ...... I can tell it is lasting even longer than Mobil 1. Personally I do not allow my oil to get too dark .... which is a very extravagant approach ...... my opinion on the Lexus motor is that it is just sooooo fine .... it is worth the expense to use Royal Purple and change the oil about the time it becomes dark in color ...... but with Royal Purple I can go longer before that happens .....

just my 2 cents ... hope it helps ...

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Where in a real engine does something like that occur. They're only using this to make you believe that Royal Purple is superior...it's all about additive packages, especially seeing how they didn't show this over an extended period of time. I use Redline Oil for most of my performance cars, and I'm running it in my LS400 too. Has a far superior additive package, higher HTHS viscosity, etc. I can't even find Royal Purple data sheets for their oil.

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