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  1. Finding a replacement on ebay or at a scrapyard is difficult because it is a common problem (lots of people looking) and most recyclers consider it part of the front bumper, only selling as part of a front end rather than s separate part. Easiest solution is to disable it when you want to use the cruise. With the car stopped, push the cruise button and press the lever forward for about 5 to 10 secords. The radar ready light will go out and you can use regular cruise. Unfortunately, you must repeat this when you want to use the cruise every time you start your car. A hi-tech reminder such
  2. On my '02 430, the brake fluid was changed at 30k. At over 50K it had acquired a charcoal gray tint. So, I thought it was time for a change. It was changed at the dealer two weeks ago. it has begun to look a little gray again. Not as dark but not the nice honey color. Is this normal or dose it indicate system problems?
  3. Found it, had to remove the engine cover to get to it. On the drivers side, close to the rear with a brownish plug. I think the 04 to 06 are completely sealed but was told their was a way to check the previous version.
  4. I can not seem to find a way to check the transmission fluid level and color in my 53k '02 LS430. What am I missing?
  5. Your AM radio button should say AM SAT, even if it doesn't you should have it in an 06.
  6. You might want to look into joining AAA. I believe membership is about $50 per year and includes lock out service. It may be worth looking into.
  7. Thank you, it confirms my thinking. If it is good enough for Landar, it is good enough for me. I appreciate your input.
  8. The manual says the oil fill w/filter for 2002 LS430 is 4.8 quarts. I have seen some posts that indicate this incorrect and the proper amount is 5 to 5.5 qts. They cite a TSB which no one can provide a link to. I know that the 2001 and 2006 are different. I suspect the confusion is due to liters v quarts, etc. Does anyone have the correct answer? Thanks
  9. The info on the website is incomplete. In Michigan, front side tint is only allowed within 4 inches from the top of the window unless you meet the criteria for a medical exception. This allows some measure of sun protection and still protects law enforcment. I will have the front tint removed and may keep the rest to see if I like it, however, I suspect by midsummer it will all be gone. Everyone has different opinions, likes and dislikes, it keeps life interesting. What fun would it be to go to Baskin Robbins if you couldn't choose from 31 flavors? Thanks again.
  10. Thank you for your input. I am going to take it to a detail shop. They use steam to avoid damaging the wires in the rear window. I have gotten phone quotes of $75 to $100 so it does not make sense to do it myself in a cold garage. I have nothing against the tint, it is illegal on the front windows and I just don't care for the way it looks. I understand the need for it in hot climates with dark interiors but it is not needed in Michigan with a light interior. I appreciate your thoughts.
  11. I purchased a 2002 LS430 that has tinted windows. I would like to remove the tint and am looking for suggestions or tips from someone who has done it. Thank you in advance and stay warm.
  12. I looked into this car and spoke to the owner of the lot. It has not been driven much in the last few years and apparently was an "extra car". According the shop listed on the carfax, it was towed in because it wouldn't start and had a new battery installed. Once done, it started and ran great. He mentioned some minor bumper damage which I presume has been fixed. I figured you needed to replace timing belt, all fluids and probably all tires due to age at a minimum (I am sure I lft a few things out). My guess is that you would have to spend about $2,000. Adding that to the price it didn'
  13. Billy, It was very nice of you to stop by and post the pictures. While it was unnecessary and unexpected, I really appreciate it. It adds a level of comfort to making a big purchase sight unseen with people you have never met. As for the tires, I kinda figured I would have to replace them soon. The tires on the car are intended for the year round warm Texas climate and would not be the best for the Michigan winter with snow. In any case, the LS400 was due for tires in the next six months so I had already planned for it. I would like to thank you personally, please call me at 248 765-400
  14. Thanks for the comments, I will let you know if I have problems with the air suspension. I agree with Billy, condition is more important than miles. When you have very limited time and can't travel to look, it is an important indicator. In addition, more pre-owned Lexus in the Dallas area than the Detroit area. Billy - the car will be at the dealership tomorrow with a sold sign. Feel free to stop by and take a look, you opinion is always valued. Thanks again.
  15. It does include the air suspension. My understanding is that it is less problematic in the LS430 and can be converted at a high but not grossly unreasonable cost. In addition, it is hard to find this combination of low miles, condition and maintenance history. Especially when you have a time deadline, I need a car quickly. The Ultra package was just a bonus and I will take the bad with the good.
  16. I found a 2002 LS430 w/ Ultra package and 53k miles. Silver with ivory interior. It was bought, serviced and traded in at Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX. The carfax was clean and supported the Park Place story that it was driven sparingly by a retired couple. The service history was similar. In any case, I searched the preowned inventory of dealers all over the country and this car stood out for low mileage, one owner and high level of equipment with proper service. It was priced competitively with similar cars with less equipment and higher (65 to 90k) miles. In fact, it was priced the
  17. About $8500. I think the power steering rack and pump threw it over the edge.
  18. I am looking for suggestions and opinions. I would like a new preowned LS, my 97 w/ 200k was involved in a front end collision and will be totaled, no injuries. I am looking for a 98-00 LS 400 or LS 430. Trying to spend less than 12k for LS400 or around 15-17 for LS430 (probably with 60 to 90k). Any suggestions on where to look. I am in Michigan but a phone and fax can take you anywhere. I know Sewell has a good inventory. Any ideas would be appreciated, I need a car relatively quickly. One more question. Found a brown 99 LS400 outside DC that purports to have 18k. Carfax checks out,
  19. Sorry, I know its a dealer. Call Lexus of Pembroke Pines (FL), 1 888 373-4470. Ask for Dennis and the directions for the online site. They will give you about 30% off the list price and are a pleasure to deal with. Your egr pipe lists for about 200 and should be around 140.
  20. Sorry, 200 to 300 rpm's. Thank you for your advice.
  21. For the first 10 minutes or so when the car is started on a cold morning, I have an idle issue. When stopping after driving for a few miles, the idle drops down to between 2 and 3k. The car rumbles slightly and feels as if it might stall, then seems to correct itself. Once the car is warmed up throughly, it doesn't seem to happen. Also, check engine light came on for a few minutes, but went out before I could have it checked. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.
  22. The drivers seat on my '97LS with 190k is starting to wear and be uncomfortable. I have located a salvage yard seat from a '97LS Coach Edition. I know that the floor mounting bolts will line up, my question is the electrical connections. Will they be the same plugs? Lexus dealer says they should be, based on the VIN of my car and the salvage car but is hesitant to say for sure. In addition, the difference is in the cover. I presume the color (Oak)will be close enough. I believe the Coach seat has perforated areas and may look like a different "die lot". This is ok since I will be more
  23. The hop and hard shifts are gone. The replacement of Maxlife with T-4 makes a noticable difference. The shifts are smoother and the hop is gone. I agree, the only transmission fuid that should be used is Toyota T-4.
  24. 1. The engine and transmission mounts were replaced approximately one year and 17k miles ago. 2. The hop is significantly less prominent and decreasing more every day with the proper fluid.
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