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Thoughts On Adding An Auxillary Port In The Stereo

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Pretty much since 2004 I have only listened to music via MP3 on my various generations of iPods. I currently have an iPhone and would like to be able to listen to my music in the car, without having to deal with the static of an FM transmitter or have to deal with the look of the transmitter in my luxury vehicle. I was looking into adding an after market auxillary line to the stereo, such as the iSimple - Apple iPod Direct Connect Kit designed for Lexus' from Best Buy. Its received good reviews and looks like it would meet my needs.

General thoughts/suggestions on adding after market parts to the stereo or the iSimple?

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I have one the dealer installed for the previous owner. The docking cable is run in the center console so I just keep an I-Pod Nano in there. It doesn't play through the FM, but through the CD player. The one issue is that it recognizes Playlists as a CD, so you are limited to 99 tracks per playlist and you control it through the stereo. So you can only FF through songs or skip to the next track. You can set it up to just play all the songs and control it on the Ipod. I like it since I don't have anything showing inside the car and can just leave the Nano in my center console all the time.

The nice thing is all wiring is done behind the unit and you don't have the interference of the FM transmitter and it keeps the IPod charged.

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