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Cost For "drain The Pan" & Refill With Amsoil Fluid.

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Pardom me if this question was asked before. I did some search but did not find the suitable answer (perhaps, my search criteria was wrong).

Any way...........I asked the local independent mechanic shop to give me 2 quotes(but, he gave me 3). Here are the prices...........

# 1 "Drain the Pan" & Refill With appropriate Toyota fluid (type IV) $65(approx.)

# 2 "Drain the Pan" & Refill With AMSOIL fluid $90(approx.) I want to do this --------again,Thanks a LOT .........Lexusfreak for GREAT advice

# "Drain the Pan" & Refill With AMSOIL fluid + Replace the filter $165(approx.) I thought, the Lexus 2002 ES 300 has NO filter , just a mesh or screen. Do you think I MUST also change this filter/mesh/screen NOW? . Please NOTE that my car has 80000 miles and I NEVER did drain & refill.

After this, I will do MULTIPLE drain and refill as suggested by LexusFreak. Thanks a LOT .........Lexusfreak for GREAT advice :cheers: .

Thanks a LOT.



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you don't need to change the screen.

let's do some math here:

the transmission holds about 11 quarts of ATF

a drain & refill will only replace about 4 quarts.

1x drain & refill = 35% displacement of old ATF w/Amsoil

2x drain & refill = 50% dispalcement of old ATF prior to any changes w/Amsoil

so u drain & refill, then drive around for a week or so and do that again = 50% displacement of old ATF

the $90 service is probably not going to do you much good. you really need about 90% Amsoil ATF in there to be effective

here is what i did

1. drain

2. unplug the transmission coolant hoses and turn on the engine to let more ATF pump out

3. refill w/Amsoil ATF, idle the engine for 5 min to let the ATF mix well and repeat step 1 and 2

4. refill w/enough Amsoil ATF

5. final result is 90% Amsoil ATF or greater

6. now your ATF is good for another 50K miles

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Thanks a LOT.

I will tell my mechanic as exactly suggested by homemechanic - he gonna think I am a smartaxx - but I am OK with it , it is my car after all.




I agree with what home said ^...and the transmission filter mesh screen just needs to be cleaned, not replaced.


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