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  1. Thanks a LOT folks for GR8 responses. I did switch to Valvoline full synthetic 5W30 @ NTB. Later realized that changing oil @ NTB was a mistake since they put a CHEAP Pennzoil filter MZ1. I have decided to buy Mobil 1 M1-102 Extended Performance Oil Filter and will use this filter for the next oil change(s). So far, I have NOT noticed any fact.........the ride is pretty smooth. Last time, when I switched transmission oil (from conventional) to full synthetic AMSOIL, I had leak under the carriage after couple of days but later the leak stopped automatically. Per auto mechanic,
  2. I just inquired at nearest NTB what kind of filter do they use if I want to do engine oil change using Valvoline Full Synthetic SynPower SAE 5W-30 engine oil. And, to my surprise they said they use PZ-21. I know it is cheap brand. So, my ONLY option is to buy the filter myself and use this one instead of PZ-21. What brand of oil filter will you recommend to use with Valvoline Full synthetic oil? I have Lexus ES300 2002 year model bought in Oct 2001 with 101206 miles. Also, at what interval should I do next oil changes going forward. They (NTB) said 5000 miles or 6 months. My guess, is I ca
  3. Hello Folks, I have 2001 (model year 2002) ES300 with approx. 101000 miles. I have been doing oil changes at regular intervals using traditional motor oil( I think I am using 5W-30...though not sure). Now, I am thinking of switching (why ??? Uh.....good question)to either fully synthetic or may be blended oil. My questions are 1) Is it safe to switch now? 2) Which one is better - Full Synthetic or Blended oil? 3) What brand will you recommend and at what interval? Thanks a LOT.
  4. Hello All, I got "check engine" light on yesterday, so I took my vehicle to the nearest Autozone (as suggested on this forum . I want to thank for this great advice. It also saved me a few $.) for free OBD II scan code using Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader. The scan code came out to be P0456 - Evaporative Emissions System - Small leak detected. One of the probable causes mentioned on the print-out was "loose/faulty gas tank Cap". So, I replaced with a new one and drove the car 20 miles or so. Now.....I am getting conflicting advice (such as "go back to Autozone and ask them to reset"
  5. Hello folks ........... Finally, I got the estimate from another indie shop. Here it is : PVC Valve $12(P),$47.50(L) = $59.50 (NOT SO CRITICAL) Real Main Seal $84.84(P),$1140(L) = $1174.81(CRITICAL) I MUST admit both of you (kashi125 & camlex) are GENIUS for being right on the target. HATS OFF TO YOU SIRs. :cheers: Now, the question is !) How long can I postpone WITHOUT FIXING/REPLACING "REar Main Seal" ? One member mkeeney suggested and I quote "Our '97 ES300 has leaked for the past 100,000 miles (230k now) from the rear main seal. It's a tiny drip
  6. You wrote "Our '97 ES300 has leaked for the past 100,000 miles (230k now) from the rear main seal. It's a tiny drip that doesn't even cause the oil level to be low between changes. It sometimes drips on the exhaust pipe and causes a burning smell. As long as it stays small like it is now, I'll never fix it because the cost is too great compared to the inconvenience it causes. I just check the oil more often to keep an eye on it. Yours sounds similar." I think AFTER getting the estimate, I will REACH THE SAME CONCLUSION AS YOU ............Great mind ALWAYS think alike :lol: The smell is ve
  7. You asked "You didn't recently have your oil changed, did you? Sometimes those guys get sloppy." YES, I did In fact, I did both the oil change and drain the pan and refilled with 4 quarts of AMSOil (Not at the same time, though. 01/22/10 oil & 02/04/10 drain the pan ). The mechanic DID notice some leaking of the transmission oil (I would NOT say dripping ....BUT, just minute traces of oil. When the car was on the lift for draining the pan, this leak DID NOT even gotten bigger into a droplet either). At that time, he told me the AMSOil being 100% synthetic should soften the seals and the
  8. Hi, I, recently (for last 2 days) noticed burning smell coming from under hood when I parked the car in my garage. So, yesterday,I took the car to the indie shop near my house. Just from the smell, the master mechanic suspected some plastic bag (probably got sucked into under carriage of the car). However, after inspecting on the lift, he noticed some oil was/is leaking (NOT dripping BUT just the minute quantity. The oil was visible when the surface was wiped with a piece of paper) and causing the burning smell. There were a few spots where oil was burned to dark brown color. He said the p
  9. Hello, You wrote " i purchased oem parts eg belts/tensioners from pembroke lexus." I have from many folks telling me including one of the member on this board, to buy OEM parts form Pembroke Lexus. based in FL. I think, I will buy directly from them and will find out if this indie shop near my house will install for me (for same labor charges they quoted me earlier for complete job). $100 for just Timing belt - sounds good to me. Take Care .............
  10. Mods ........................... Will you PLEASE KINDLY lock down/close this thread ? This is getting UGLY and INSULTING ............... Gee ...... I never heard something put like this before OR Did I " You have 19 posts and I have 16000+. So, that makes me KING and you are a just a piece of xxxx. Almighty gave me right just because I have NO OTHER work but to post and insult people". Sounds like "Bigger is Better" mentality or some other mentality. Dear Sir .................I respect you and will continue to RESPECT YOU ...................BUT ................. not if you keep commenting
  11. Just my $0.02 and I am NOT a white knight and NOT trying to take sides. Having said that ............I SINCERELY think your reply/comment "Well then why are you posting on here asking for advice if you have no intention of listening to our advice?" is NOT WARRANTED and WAY OUT OF LINE. Again, one does not know who is in the cyberspace and what intention/agenda/motive they may have in giving any advice. Unless, you are an Lexus employee (are you ?) (and there are forums where manufacture's authorized representative are allowed to reply/rebuttal/counter argue etc. to resolve the dispute), I
  12. Just my $0.002 A Food for thought ............please consider this BEFORE BUYING A trickle charger, on the other hand, will charge no matter whether the battery is fully charged or not, so it needs to be connected and disconnected periodically. If left in place too long, it will eventually boil the electrolyte out of the cells or damage the plates. Trickle chargers will work to keep the battery charged, if used once a month or so for a day or two, but the float chargers can be left connected indefinitely without potential harm to the battery. Vic
  13. NHTSA warned about Toyota, Lexus models in 2007 DETROIT — As Toyota grappled Sunday with reports that it was recalling its Prius hybrids in Japan and may do so in the United States, evidence continued to beg whether the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration responded quickly enough to reports of sudden acceleration in some of its other models. The Prius concerns center over braking delays, but insurer State Farm told USA TODAY that it notified NHTSA in late 2007 that it was seeing an increase in sudden a
  14. Hello............... Thanks a LOT for quick reply. Do you have any SPECIFIC brand / Kit in mind for Timing Belt & Water Pump? ( A few days back, I got a PM from one of the board member "kashi125". He told me, he bought the OEM kit (I forgot the name of the kit but if I find the PM, I will post it here.) from some Lexus dealership in FL) Let me know. Please remember that this shop IS NOT an independent LEXUS ONLY shop - they serve all kinds of autos - hence, lower labor cost and also due to fact that, I know the owner since he opened the shop near my house 10 years back.
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