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Es350 Rear Brake Experience


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I bought a certified preowned 2007 Lexus ES350 in august of 2008. I upgraded from Honda's. I love the car.

But while on vacation in Virginia I experienced high speed light braking vibrations and noise while backing up. So I went to the Lexus dealer in Richmond, Virginia to have the car looked at because of the potential safety issues. They looked at it and said I needed the rear rotors turned. The car at that time had 35000 mile on it. They also said the pads were badly worn on the rear. They said it would not be covered under warranty. So I paid $200.00 to turn the rotors. This was in July 2008. They obviously were knowledgeable about the problem, but have no intention of fixing the problem as per TSIB No. BR002-07.

The car now has 48000 miles on it and while researching the problem so I can fix it I find there has been a TSIB on the problem since November 6, 2007, and the problem should have been fixed under warranty at no cost. I have spent another $100.00 to replace the rear brake pads now. This is the second time I have had a service issue and the dealer has decided to mislead me and play ignorant on the issue. How should I know about this car I depend on their honesty and integrity, but looks like these high browed Lexus dealers have none. I am just another Lexus sucker to be taken for a dollar ride as far as possible!!!!!! Lexus dealers must be Democrats - Screw every customer they can get away with.

To bad Lexus has such an attitude, I think this is a great car and I love driving it.

If this car is as trouble free as the honda's I have owned since 1992 I will be very pleased.


C J Fertitta

Hope the other ES350 owners have better experiences

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I can appreciate your frustration. I am not sure that the Lexus dealers are the only dealers that might take advantage of customers on occasion, but it would be nice to have full confidence in the dealerships since Lexus will pay them for the warranty work and the cars are expensive. It makes you wonder if there may be some double dipping going on. Anyway, I am attaching a link that another member provided that gives all of the TSIB's for the 2007 - 2008 ES models. This was a life saver for me. Thanks again a1s1a1.


I guess the best defense against what happened to you is to stay as informed as possible. I still feel your pain. I must say that when I made my complaint about the rear brakes on my 2008 ES, my dealer repaired them according to the bulletin without any problem and reported that the work was under warranty. However, I knew about the TSIB because of the link the member provided, but did not have to say a word. Keep the faith and enjoy your vehicle. I truly enjoy my ES.


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