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Tailgate Closing Unprovoked


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So I now have a total of 3 concussions from the tailgate in my 05 rx330 suddenly deciding to close - I'll try to post all the details, but it's hard to remember everything....

This has happened in a period of 1 week, so definitely a new thing. I'll open the tailgate (usually manually). It'll open fully, I'll reach in to get something and before I know it it's beeping and closing (I've now discovered how useless those beeps are because by the time it starts beeping it's already hit your head -- maybe I'm just slow...)

So here's what I know

- all three times have been in the parking lot, so the tailgate did not hit anything that suddenly made it start closing)

- one time, the keys were in the front seat, so the button didn't get pushed accidentally

- this has not happened prior to last week

- there are times when it's open and does not close unprovoked.

- pushing the button to open / close still works.

Any ideas what may be causing this, and where I can start to troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you checked your owners manual for any reference to reseting the close to default. I know there have been a # of posts over a period of time on windows doing things they're not supposed to. There is a procedure I believe to "reset" them so that they work properly. Is there any possibility that the button on the remote is sticking a little bit and responding when it shouldn't? Probably not, but stranger things have happened. 1st. place I would look is the OM, if you haven't already. Is there any possibility the button on the lift gate itself is problematic?

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