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  1. So I now have a total of 3 concussions from the tailgate in my 05 rx330 suddenly deciding to close - I'll try to post all the details, but it's hard to remember everything.... This has happened in a period of 1 week, so definitely a new thing. I'll open the tailgate (usually manually). It'll open fully, I'll reach in to get something and before I know it it's beeping and closing (I've now discovered how useless those beeps are because by the time it starts beeping it's already hit your head -- maybe I'm just slow...) So here's what I know - all three times have been in the parking lot, s
  2. Luckily the engine air filter in both the lexus and honda were untouched - that really would have sucked to have had bits of filter blown into the engine.
  3. So I have to touch the sensor every time I want the automatic sensing wipers to come on? That doesn't seem very "automatic" to me. I still think there must be something wrong with the connection, I'm just not sure how to fix it. There have been times where it's pouring rain and they don't start until I push on it....
  4. Try Google, my friend. It'll point you to a Club Lexus post w/ pics. I'd put the link in, but I'm not sure if that's frowned on here. It's for a '97, but should be same procedure. Keep in mind for your model it's optional, so you may go through all the trouble of pulling back the carpet and find a whole lot of nothing. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for posting the pics. I actually would like to keep the auto-sensor function, but I must have a bad connection since I have to push on it for it to work (once I push on it, it works until I shut the car off, then I have to do it again the next time I start up). The windshield has been replaced, so I'm assuming that's the issue. How do I make a better connection??
  6. OK - just thought I would share a pic of the cabin filter from my Honda which I just changed. No rat turds on that one, but obviously chewed to pieces. Anyway - hopefully never happens to any of you & nice to know we're breathing fresh air now....
  7. This is just a friendly FYI for those of you who are ever unfortunate enough to have a rat take refuge under your hood: Change your cabin air filter as soon as you kill the little SOB. My little rodent friend met his maker 3 months ago thanks to a little peanut butter and good old fashioned snap rat trap - it never dawned on me to change the air and cabin filter. So today, I did it as part of my regular maintenance. Air filter was dirty, but otherwise fine. The cabin air filter, however, had about 15 rat turds collected on it - so for the past 3 months, my lovely family of 4 has been breathi
  8. You know, actually I didn't. I did for the IS-C with the top down (and you can fit a few sheets of paper in there), but I don't think they ever opened the trunk for the HS (they had one car that people weren't test driving where you could sit in the back seat, open, the hood, etc) and IIR they were having trouble opening the trunk (also not a good sign) so not sure how much room the battery takes up.
  9. It was a Lexus Sponsored event in Newport Beach - they send out invitations every now and then for new models. I have no idea how I got on the list. This last weekend they had the IS-C and HS.
  10. Just got back from Newport - will try to get a chance to load pics in the next day - right now just too tired, but will write some impressions. Test drove both the HS (boring) and IS convertible (very not boring). HS review is in the HS forum, but bottom line is, it needs work. The IS, on the other hand, was fantastic. Hits the showrooms in a few weeks, but enjoyed the chance to get a sneek peek. They had several verions to drive, but you pretty much had to get the one that came back when it was your turn. All were 350s. one had F-type wheels, rotors, brakes, suspenison and exhaust (but the 35
  11. OK – so I’ll start by saying that I’ve never driven a hybrid before. So I went into this with really nothing to compare to and not quite knowing what to expect. But I think I can sum up the overall driving experience as “underwhelmed.” Perhaps it’s because I had just finished driving the IS convertible (which I liked very much), or maybe I was expecting too much out of a luxury hybrid. I’ll try to post pictures once I figure out how to do that, but I’ll give you both the pluses and minuses as I see it – just my 2 cents. The appearance of the vehicle from the outside is “nice” – nothing more,
  12. So I get a chance to drive the IS convertible tomorrow in Newport (and HS hybrid)- looking forward to it. I'll try to post pics (if they let me take them) and impressions tomorow night. HS review will be in the HS forum....
  13. I'll be test driving the new HS (as well as the IS convertible) at a Lexus event in Newport Beach tomorrow. I'll try to post impressions / pics (if they let me take pics) tomorrow. Looking forward to driving both cars......
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