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Fyi For Those With Rodents Under Your Hood


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This is just a friendly FYI for those of you who are ever unfortunate enough to have a rat take refuge under your hood: Change your cabin air filter as soon as you kill the little SOB. My little rodent friend met his maker 3 months ago thanks to a little peanut butter and good old fashioned snap rat trap - it never dawned on me to change the air and cabin filter. So today, I did it as part of my regular maintenance. Air filter was dirty, but otherwise fine. The cabin air filter, however, had about 15 rat turds collected on it :censored: - so for the past 3 months, my lovely family of 4 has been breathing in filtered rat crap and likely p*ss as well.

Anyway, I'm off to Pep Boys to get filters for my other car since he would car hop in our garage until I caught him. Can't wait to see what he left there......

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OK - just thought I would share a pic of the cabin filter from my Honda which I just changed. No rat turds on that one, but obviously chewed to pieces.


Anyway - hopefully never happens to any of you & nice to know we're breathing fresh air now....

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