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Car Hit While Parked


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Hi All -- Awhile back someone hit my parked car hard, on the driver's side rear panel, right above the tire well. I think it must have been a truck or SUV. Since that time, I've noticed that when I parallel park, the car seems straight (relative to the street/adjacent sidewalk), but when I get out and check the passenger side, the back tire will be close to the curb, while the front tire will be a good 8" or more away from the curb. In other words, something is definitely wrong, because I never had any problems parallel parking before the accident.

I think it must have been hit with some force to make the car like this. Is there anything that can be done? I am hearing some creaking sounds coming from the front of the car now (on turning) and I wonder if that issue might somehow be related to the hit and run accident. If the car is badly out of whack or the suspension was damaged by the hit and run, whether I should get that fixed first before having the creaking noise looked at/fixed.

Are there people who specialize in suspension work? Of does this type of damage sound irreparable. Thank you.

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get and alignment and find out

Some of the searches I've done say that if there are front end problems that you can't do an alignment. Stands to reason I should get the front end 'creaking/popping' noise fixed first (it's fairly loud on certain days), then get it aligned after. Nothing I've seen online talks about permanent suspension damage from such an impact -- have no idea. I'll know soon enough.

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