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After Market Satellite Radio

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Hi Guys,

I apologize in advance if this topic has aleady been covered. I tried searching but couldn't find answers specific for my questions.

When purchasing my 2007 IS250 w/out ML package, I chose to decline SAT radio. Recently became interested in Sirius SAT radio and would like to know what is involved in this. I would like it to be installed just as if the dealer installed themselves; stock shark fin antennae usage, touch screen button usage etc... I do have the 'AM SAT' button.

What do I need to purchase? Any recommendations where to purchase? What is a decent price? What will be required in installation? Is installation through the trunk, or Nav system? Estimated hours of installation?

Thanks for the help!!!

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There is more than one eBay sellor of Sirius and XM for the IS250 at prices from $250 to $300 -- see the attached image I clipped from an eBay listing. The same eBay seller has some general Lexus installation instructions on his website: http://integrationsolutions.net/VAIS/SIRIU...US_INSTALL.HTML

These kits come with an antenna. You would have to find your shark fin antenna's coax cable connector if you want to use it -- surely someone on this forum or the Lexus dealer could tell you where it is. Coax cable extensions are available if you need one -- I've bought them and the adapters that are sometimes needed to connect coax cables together at Radio Shack.

I've never installed one of these sat radio thingys but installation looks pretty simple -- but I'm fairly knowledgeable on removing radios and ripping car interiors apart to run wires. You'll probably want to reserve a Saturday and have a nice warm place to do the job. It's maybe a one hour job for somebody who knows what they are doing. You'll probably need simple tools like a socket wrench with a 10 mm socket, screwdrivers. Plastic trim removal tools for gently prying the console/radio trim off are helpful but I've used flat blade screw drivers and putty knives with the blades covered with electrical tape to keep from scratching the trim.


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