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Multiple Issues 1993 Es300


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Overview: ABS Light has been on for the last couple of years (for some reason this was never cleared after having repairs done at midas)

Speedometer and Cruise Control would quit working, sometimes for days, sometimes just a few minutes- Could go for months without any problem at all

O/D Off Light begin to blink while driving it a couple of months ago. The car would not idle... charged the battery...Car ran fine for a couple of days

Drove on hwy jus fine, until i came to a stop sign, died

Sat in driveway for two months... Replaced battery a few days ago. Ran fine for two days.... Now....

AirBag Light is on

If rpms drop below 1500 it dies. Have to start it in Neutral and then throw it in Drive.. once you are rolling over 30 mph it seems to run ok

Jumped terminals for Diagnostic got Code27 for sub O2 sensor

WHERE THE HECK DO I START???!!!! Got FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL... Have very little automotive experience... tryin to read manual, identify parts, never used a multimeter, etc...

Oh Yeah, almost forgot.... Hear a clicking noise comin from the dash when I turn it over.... im thinkin this might be the ECM?


The only thing I can figure is that I need to invest in a multimeter and start testing the circuits...


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You can find a decent DVM (multimeter) at radio shack for under $25, it sounds like you will be needing one. You did not mention that you purchased a manual on the 'other' site, but that was a wise investment. The clicking is probably not the ECM, my guess is that the battery is not charging. Have that checked first. And also purchase the trickle charger. It may take you awhile to sort thru all of the problems, computer controlled cars have parasitic electrical loads (ie even when you remove the key, the clock, ECM, and stereo continue to draw current). If you leave the car sitting for a couple months, the battery will go dead. If the battery sits dead for too long, it will cause permanent damage to the battery. A trickle charger will prevent this.

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