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i was wondering where there would be a good place to buy some headlights and taillights for my sc300. its a 1993 I6. i noticed on this website he has a 92 sc300 and i wanted to know if i was able to do what he did in his video, which is to have the index lights be on with the headlights instead of only when i turn


please help me if you know what to do to get those lights on

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That's totally possible <_< and a good place you could try is ebay.com or: http://www.car-part.com/

You can search for any used car part from local junkyards using your zip. It's pretty cool!

There are endless things you can do to your headlights to make them stand out. Take a look on hidplanet.com and you'll be amazed! B)

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thanks for the website and the links to the forums. i only needed the first link grnsc. im going to get started on it soon :)

but do you know how im able to get my corner lights to stay on?


^^^ the very first car, you see how the corner lights are just on, i was wondering how i would be able to do that with my sc300

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