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2000 Gs 300 Paint Issue

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I bought the car about 3 years ago. I have the paint match from advance autoparts for touchups, but it seems darker, my guess is due to time with it fading. However it seems there is a plastic film that is peeling all over the place. The car was drivin in michigan for a year when i was there, so salt might come into play here. What can I do for this plastic coat? do i have to redo the entire cars paint job?

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Could this plastic coating be some sort of clear bra product? Or does it seem to be the paint's clearcoat flaking off?

And i wouldn't bother having advanced auto parts maxing any paint... it takes even a body shop pro several tries to match paint correctly for used cars <_<

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I agree with the above. It could be clearcoat failure. If the previous owner never waxed the car and left it sitting in the sun constantly then this is a highly likely possibilty. It could also happen if it has had a bad respray at some stage where the paint hasn't bonded properly.


Photos would be a great help so we can see exactly what is happening.

If the paint hasn't been waxed and taken care of properly, then the paint will definitely have to be matched as the wax will protect the paint from fading (due to the suns UV rays) and other things (bird bombs, salt etc etc).

If the "plastic" coat is a clear bra, you can remove this and if you have enough detailing knowledge, polish the area underneath to make it look nice again, if it's clearcoat failure, then a respray is going to be the only option, and that will be expensive.

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