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Hello. Wondering if anybody on here has tried to activate XM NavTraffic here in Canada on an HS250h? I've recently purchased an HS250h Ultra Premium here in Montreal and I'd like to add NavTraffic service to my navigation system. Is the HS250h compatible with it? If so, can I just subscribe to it through XM and it will work or is there any upgrade required at the dealership? Thanks in advance for the information. NP

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I don't know about Canadian vehicles but 48 state vehicles have active NavTraffic once the PDI is done. Its all built in to the Nav system and you get 90 days free once you take delivery.

Thanks. I know for sure it's not part of the XM trial here in Canada. We actually get 6 months free up here but it's only radio. I suspect it's because NavTraffic service was just recently launched and is only available in a handful of Canadian cities. I've given it a shot and called XM to activate NavTraffic. They told it would be active next business day which is Monday. I'll see then if it works. They couldn't tell me if I needed to do anything on the vehicle to activate it. I guess I'll soon find out.

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