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Vsc Light?


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can anyone tell me what this light is indicating? I have both a check engine light, which is the O2 sensor, Bank one sensor one but also have a VSC light on. Are they related or completely different?

You basically have a check engine light on. The VSC comes on with it by design and means nothing.

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With the VSC light on, your VSC system will not function.

I have verified this by trying it here on our snow covered streets.

Mine also gave the O2 sensor code, but that was not my issue.

I had a pinhole in one of the exhaust pipes. Once I sealed up the exhaust leak and reset the codes, the lights did not return.

Does it sound like you have a slight exhaust leak?? Sometimes it is hard to tell. An easy way to verify is to go through your local fast food drive through and open your driver window.

When you get your order and step on the gas to drive away, the sound echos off of the side of the building and makes it easier to hear.


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If you have recently had your car serviced by one of those quick lubrication shops, it is possible they have disconnected one of your hoses that connect the air filter housing to the charcoal canister. When they check the air cleaner, it disconnects the hose from a tube that runs back to the cannister. You cannot see it disconnected because the hose position blocks your view.

The easiest way to check it is to remove your air filter housing top and in the back you should see the hose. If you look behind the engine you will see a metal tube sticking up with nothing connected to it that looks like it will accept the hose connection. Take the hose off the air filter housing and put it on the tube in a position that will allow it to be attached to the filter housing when that is put back in place. Replace the air filter housing and put the hose back on to it. Clear your codes with whatever method you have available to you (disconnect the battery for 20 minutes or scan tool). I hope this helps.

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