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  1. The tranny link was very helpful, thx for sharing. I do have one question, how important is it to replace the filter if it is nothing more than a screen, a metal one originally and now paper. Can't the orig metal screen be cleaned just like the magnets and pan?
  2. I think my beams must be low. they are the original factory HID lights and while bright and white, they have no reach whatsoever. I believe the factory sets them a bit low, especially back in 02 b/c at the time, a lot of complaints were arisinga bout these lights being blinding to oncoming traffic, at least that is my guess. Sounds like i can tune them upward a bit or maybe have my mechanic due it while in for the next oil change. If i can raise the beam a little but not be blinding, i think they would be great. I should have done this yrs ago b/c i've always hated these lights, but that'
  3. I just learned that my 02 awd rx300 which had a tranny service by lexus at 30k miles and then by a local mechanic at 60k may not have been a full service. My local guy, providing a bid for the 90k service said std tranny service is $120 but after looking it up, said the awd is more labor as two cross bars must be removed to drop the pan and the filter is $30. So, a full flush is $200. If I wanted a basic service in which the fluid is pumped out but the pan is not dropped and filter not changed, it would be $100 ish. Given the history w/ these cars, i will do the $200 service but thought I'
  4. after searching a bit more on the site, i think i developed a increased concern regarding the high probability of a tranny failure. Mine has been run gently and fluid changed at 30/60 and is due for 90k service but sounds like they routinely fail??? Or are we just hearing about the ones that fail vs. the thousands that don't?
  5. My 2002 rx300 has 85k miles and I am looking for advice on what needs to be done at this point. Originally, my intent was to trade into a newer vehicle but with the economy soft, I've decided to keep the car at least one more yr but want to make sure I am keeping up w/ maintenance and reliability. So far, the car has been extremely dependable. Here is what i've done so far. oil change every 5000 miles, along with tire rotate/balance/alignment Tranny fluid change (AWD model) at 30k and 60k miles New belt and brakes front and rear at 75k miles new starting battery Lexus pulled valve cove
  6. I have the upgraded HID lights on my 2002 Rx300 and have always been disappointed at how terrible they are on low beam. I've always wondered if they were mis adjusted but never had them checked. Last week, I was cruising the online version of Consumer reports and noticed the 2004 series had terrible ratings on their headlights, so it occurred to me that my lights are probably no different even though i have the earlier generation vehicle. Anyway, I decided I'd reach out to see this is a known weakness of this model. Is there a way to test these lights for alignment and performance?
  7. can anyone tell me what the symptom of a bad o2 sensor is? My 02 RX300 gave a check engine light and code pointing to a bad Bank 1, Sensor 1 o2/AF sensor. The mechanic said it is the heating element of the o2 sensor and that it is otherwise working fine. He said it should not be important to replace unless I wanted the check engine and vsc light to go away b/c we live in Florida where the heating component of the sensor is not so important. Does this make sense? How do i know (or does he know) if the 02 sensor is working fine with the exception of the heating element, which he doesn't t
  8. can anyone tell me what this light is indicating? I have both a check engine light, which is the O2 sensor, Bank one sensor one but also have a VSC light on. Are they related or completely different?
  9. I saw a report on the tv that said the oxygen sensor is the most over replaced item when the check engine light comes on. Mine has been on for months and the local mechanic (not lexus) said it was the sensor 1, bank 1 oxygen sensor. The part is $248 and labor $95. Is this price reasonable and, can you tell me where this sensor is located. would it be responsible for the engine light? also have the VSC light on. What else might cause this light? veh is a 2002 rx300 with 74,000 miles, AWD.
  10. what does it mean when the VSC light and engine light come on together? I have felt a bit of a brake pulse when hitting the brakes moderately hard, suggesting I may need a brake job soon, but not sure if the vsc light is somehow connected. Also, seems to have shown up shortly after getting an oil change, though I'm sure that's completely unrelated. any ideas? thx
  11. My 2002 RX 300 AWD just turned 60,000 miles today. The vehicle has been perfect in every way, i've had the valve covers pulled by Lexus to inspect for sludge and it was found to be 100% clean. I am not burning oil, so I plan to keep the vehicle. Besides changing the oil, I was thinking about the tranny fluid, which has not been changed since 30k miles. The belt is also squeaking a little, so i thought i would replace it. Can you tell me what else needs to be done?
  12. I agree that's prob a good choice but it is a lot more expensive and is perhaps less proven with only 3 million miles vs. 9mm for the Comfortred. 3mm isn't bad but i am not entirely convinced of it's success at this point. I also suspect it is a stiffer rubber and a more harsh ride, though i don't know for sure. I haven't done anything yet, but soon...
  13. 225x70x16. have given some consideration to the Mich LTX b/c i have owned and like them, but don't like the price.
  14. worried about the sludge issue, i took the 2002 rx 300 to the local lexus dealer, whom i know personally and asked him to have his shop check for sludge as I need to know. The charge was $60 to pull the valve cover and inspect the internal workings for gel/sludge. It came back perfectly clean and he said overall, the car is in exceptional shape. I bought it used 2.5 yrs ago but had all svc records from the Lexus dealer that took care of the car in the past. Given the clean bill, I am installing new tires. The old ones have a ton of tread left but they are Kelly signature series and good f
  15. For my 2002 RX 300 I have decided to replace the tires (assuming I decide to keep the car after having it serviced by Lexus this week) and want to use either the Goodyr Comfortred or the Firestone Desitinations (LE's I think). Anyway, I live in a warm climate so wet road handling matters, not snow, but very high on my list is to have a comfortable but VERY quiet ride. Both of these tires seem to have good quiet riding characteristics, but the Comfortred by Goodyr seem slightly better. Any input is appreciated. there is a Geolander 051 series that has similar rating and high popularity, but
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