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Chirping Sound When Locking Door


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I have a 1996 Ls 400, 18400 miles, mint condition. Bought it this summer no problems everything but heated seats work. I live in upstate NY and its been getting colder, lots of snow. The other day I locked my door via remote door lock that comes with the keys from lexus. It ussually makes a loud chirping sound letting know the door locked. This time the chirp was much quieter. The next few days I locked and unlocked my door and the volume of the Chirp was back too normal. Today when I arrived at work the chirp was suddenly much quieter again. Anyone encounter this problem and could it have anything to do with the cold? Is the car letting me know battery in remote door entry is dieing, or is the chirping mechanism its self dieing because of the age of the vehical. Thanks for Helping.

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Welcome, here in the desert is 32 degrees considered cold? We get that a few days out of the year. Anyway, can't answer your question directly but cold could have something to do with it. Did you find the push button way down under the dash under the steering wheel next to the foot light to toggle the chirp on/off? Try disabling it then enabling it to see if that makes a difference.

However, if I'm not mistaken, the "chirper" is behind the left front wheel well near the door, maybe it's getting covered in snow/sleet as you drive causing it to become blocked then as it melts, back to normal.

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Dude if thats were it is that totally makes sense. What a terrible place to put it. Anyway i bet 100 bucks your right. When i wash it next time ill let you know, the wash should clean the snow also i remember washing it and thats when the chirp came nack to full volume. P.S- yeah dude 32 aint nothin, it was 6 today.

Thanks alot ill let u know when I find out.

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