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2002 Lexus Is300 Don't Start Need Help


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My Lexus broke down last week, had it towed home. I've been trying to start the engine ever since but haven't had much luck. The car cranks but doesn't fire up. A lot of white smoke comes out the exhaust pipe whenever I step on the pedal to crank the engine on. It makes a whirring, choking sound from the air intake. The battery died after many attempts of starting the engine.

Things that I have checked::

* spark plug, good

* fuel pump, working

* cooling level is normal

* oil is clean

* ran a diagnostic test using an OBD II SCAN TOOL that read: Throttle Position Sensor Connector and the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (SHOULD I REPLACE THESE TWO?)

Here's a link to the video I made to better see what's going on.

(Background sound comes from the other car jumping the Lexus battery)

Please help me find the source to this problem. Greatly appreciate it!

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I think your pedal sensor is fine, but I would look at the postion sensor. It sounds and looks like a timing issue. Have you checked the timing? and the VVti?

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I sprayed some starting fluid into throttle body, and the engine started :D . Since the fuel pump is working, I suspected the problem must be coming from the fuel injectors, so I took out the injectors and tested them with a 12V battery. The injectors seem to be working fine. However, once I connect it back into the car, there seem to be no power going into the fuel injectors when cracking the engine. Any idea where I should go from here? Should I look into the ECM? Or is there a blown fuse that connects with the fuel injector that I don’t know of? Or could it be the position sensor?

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