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Noisy Suspension


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Folks, first of all, Merry Christmas and wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

I have a 1990 LS400 with 276,000 miles and my suspension is noisy when i take the car out of the parking in reverse. It kind of makes a knocking sound.

I replaced the:-

1) front struts (KYB)

2) wheel bearings

3) Lower ball joints

This improved the stiffness of the front side and removed the noise 90% but still there is some noise coming. I also got the brakes inspected and the shim kit is good. Any suggestions what to look for next?



Seattle, WA. USA.

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Welcome to the LOC,

From your description and given the mileage covered I would check the engine/motor mounts, the transmission mount and also the rubber couplings on the propshaft.

Have a good Christmas.


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Other common knocking problems are caused by worn lower control arm bushings, strut rod bushings, and upper control arms bushings. I would lean more towards the strut bar bushings for now. They are replacable with factory bushings and are pressed in the strut rods. Have someone stand next to you front tire with the car in drive and let it roll and slam on the brakes a few times like you're trying to make the front end dive down or make your passanger hit the windshield. If the observer see's the tire moving fore and aft in the wheel well your strut rod bushings are bad.


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