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Xenon Conversion On 2001 Es300


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I imagine this is a somewhat common topic. I just got a 2001 ES300 in incredible condition and absolutely love the car...but the headlights suck compared to our 2003 ES300's Xenon headlights. I looked around and have seen some kits to convert to xenon headlights but I'm not sure which is quality and will work well on my car.

Can someone recommend a good xenon conversion kit for this purpose on a 2001 ES300, if possible one that they have personally used and can atest to? Please provide me with any information you can in this process of upgrading, including bulb brands and whatever accessories I'll need to do the conversion, and also a ballpark idea of what I should expect to be spending.

It also seems from reading around that I should get new lightbulb housings as the halogen ones don't work well with the HID xenon headlights. How should I go about this?

Basically, if someone could explain what to purchase and the process involved in installing the lights I'd be much appreciated.

Much Thanks

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i've researched the installation process and it seems like something I could complete in an hour or so. I guess my question now is which of the many kits ranging from $100 to upwards of $250 are the best to go with and also whether or not I should get new headlight housings. I'm thinking of going with 8000k HID's if that helps.

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If anyone does happen to reply or even read this, I did a lot more research on the topic today and came to a more sound conclusion. It seems I should stick with one of the better brands such as Hella, Osram or Philips. I see some pretty high prices for all, but found what seems like a decent price of $270 for a Philips kit at 4300k, which I realized is actually the type I want (looking for a pure white look). Here it is,


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I would NOT suggest you just get a kit and install an HID bulb in your present housings.

The 00-01 ES300's came with two different headlights (which most don't know). Some 00-01 ES300's came with HID from the factory, which used different headlights built-in with AFS motors and HID reflector units. And some ES300's (like yours) came with halogen headlights from the factory.

Here's the halogen unit (which is what you have)


And here's the HID unit


The HID headlights are a direct fit into your car, you'd just need to do some minor wiring to do the conversion. I believe the ballasts are built into the headlights (but check first).

Search ebay for 00 01 headlights xenon and you'll find plenty of them.

When you get them, just wire the + and - that goes to your present low beam bulb into the ballast of the HID headlights, and wire the + and - that go to your present high beam to the HID hight beam, and the same for the turn signal.

The HID headlight units will look OEM (because they are lol) and the beam pattern will be perfect as the reflectors are designed for an HID bulb. Good luck!

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