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Car Buying Question


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I am working on buying a ES 330, ran a carfax report, and was surprised to see no record of maintenance for the original owner ( 42 month lease, 32k miles ).

The car has 40k on it and appears to be in mint condition. I am convinced the current owner is a fanatical maintenance freak and has nothing to hide. Over all it drives well, nothing is leaking or out of place, and the oil filler cap looks nice and clean. FWIW I worked my way through college as a mechanic ( a long time ago ) and these days am a hobby mechanic, and if it weren't for the carfax report, I'd be convinced the car is perfect. Quite possibly it is.

Still I have that lingering doubt in my mind. Any words of wisdom before I pull the trigger?



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I would not be concerned at all about carfax not showing maint records. I also used to work as a mechainc, and still keep all of my ASE certs current. Personally I believe the only things of significance on carfax will be neg. A experience eye can tell if there has been routine maint on a car.

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Well this was interesting.

I called Lexus who was quite helpful after verifing that I also own a Toyota ( apparently if you own a Toyota or a Lexus they consider you family ). Sure enough they had no record of any maintenance just as Carfax indicated but they did suggest I call the dealer who wrote the original lease. As it turned out the dealer had detailed records of all service which they read to me over the phone. The car has been maintained by the book by the dealer. Good to know, peace of mind.

Thanks for the suggestion SK, I'm picking up the car tomorrow and I am a happy boy.

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