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2002-es300 /w Ems (electronic Modulated Suspension) Control


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EMS is meant to adjust the damping effect on shock absorbers.

Since early warranty there has been a severe metal to metal/rattle/clunking sound, when driving at any speed over rippled/potholed/washboard type road surfaces; and especially louder when in 'Sport' mode as opposed to the other extreme and softer 'Comfort' mode - it sounds and feels like there is no shock absorption activity.

Although they recognize the sound the dealership has not got, or will not give us, an answer and simply agreeing that it is not a safety issue .... can anyone else give us an answer to this very irritating situation? - Is there a 'service bulletin' we should be aware of? - is there a simple 'fix' that one of you can suggest or share?

Thanks, Swoods.

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Have you investigated the possibility of replacing the EMS shocks/struts with nonEMS shocks/struts, and just disable the system..? If the dealership acknoleges the problem yet has not done anything to remedy it, would they be willing to give you blue book value on your vehicle on a trade for one that does not have this problem (ie;nonEMS)..? I can see how you are very frustrated about this as if it was my car I would be pretty *BLEEP*ed Off, to say the least...I mean common NOW you are told that an option which sounds good on paper , paid for as an added option, is something you should never do? a little late is it not? Have you considered getting an attorney and taking it to the next level? Or just sell the damned thing and buy a honda? I wouldn't blame you... Another option; contact some of the "better" Lexus dealers mentioned in this forum and see if they would be able to do something that would make you both happy? I really feel for you and hope that you find your way through this one...Merry Christmas?...

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