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Question For Billy Powell


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In the November thread about OmarG's great purchase of 1995 LS 400 you said:

" You done good....

low mileage, nice interior..

if your front end does not "POP" when you go over a bump, dont change anything.. "

I have 1995 LS400 and I am trying to decide whether to repair suspension or sell the car. She has 248k miles on her and her original shocks and orig suspension. Front end man says safe to drive but car tends to drift side-to-side at times and does so significantly in stiff-cross wind. Doesn't drive like the great car she is.

Can you expand on the "POP" you told OmarG about.

Much obliged


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As you probably know, I have two 97 LS's one with 247K miles on it with the original front end parts intact, and in good operating condition, drives quiet, true, and solid.... beautiful..

the other one has237K miles on it, with many front end replaced parts, it also drives true, and solid, just not quiet.

this LS was owned by a man who used the dealer, and followed their suggestions. It has replacement struts, that didnt stop the poping noise, then new seats for the struts, that didnt stop the poping noise. and at that point he sold it to me.

I replaced the strut rods/bushings and stopped the noise.

that action is what caused my comments...... I dont think the replacement parts are as good/quality wise, as the original parts are... DONT LET MILEAGE/TIME, CAUSE YOU TO REPLACE PARTS.

Let the vehicle tell you, like yours is......

BUT, if my car drifted side-to-side at times and did so significantly in stiff-cross wind. and doesn't drive like the great car she is. (meaning true, firm and steady) then I would "get it fixed". Find out the real problem and repair it..... your mechanic that said it was safe to drive, probably meant "nothing was going to fall off" but if it drives like you said, I dont think it is safe.

didn't mean to confuse you.... or mislead you.

cheers, bp

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