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Oil Leak


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Recently had an oil change done, and after the oil change noticed drops of oil in the driveway, about a tablespoon in amount.

Some background: After I purchased the 98 ES 300 from the dealer(4 months ago), I took it to a diagnostic shop who found some oil on the pan gasket. When I took it back to the dealer, they said it was as a result of certifying the vehicle...most likely during the oil change, they spilled some oil and didn't wipe it up. They said to bring it back if I see oil.

I'm taking the car back to the dealer in a couple of days.

Are these 2 events unrelated? What could the problem be? Bad oil change? Other problem? The car is Certified...so its still within warranty.

Any advice would be appreciated...thanks!!


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because of the placement of the oil filter on the 1MZ-FE engine, oil always spills.

The oil filter is mounted on the front side of the engine, just under the exhaust manifold. It is also mounted at a down angle. When removing the filter, there is no way oil is not going to spill out.

To make matters worse, it spills down onto a crossmember and the plastic splash guard/air deflector. This will cause the oil to run and drip from multiple places.

Watch each day for new drips (parking on a clean piece of tar each time is key).

Chances are, the drips will cease in a day or two depending on how much oil was spilled. You can also get an idea or where the oil is dripping from based on where the drips are on the ground.


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Thanks Steviej...they mentioned what you brought up when I went to the dealer. Wish it were that...

They said it was bad cam seals...they're leaking onto the power steering pump. I'm not sure what it means, but they said they would have to disassemble something to determine the cause(not sure what it was). Can you offer any insights? They did say that the job was under the warranty...so I won't have to pay anything.

Thanks again


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