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  1. Thanks Saman...will look into this.
  2. On my ES 300 98 (196K) I’ve been hearing a clunking sound on the front drivers side. Was reviewing this site and this seems to be due to the strut mounts. Was thinking that I needed to replace the struts. Does replacing the struts encompass replacing the mounts as well or are they separate jobs? Also, given the age and mileage on the car, I don’t want to spend a great deal as I’ll likely replace the car at 250K. I’m not a DYIer, at least not on cars so will likely go to a Sears or pep boys or STS auto for the repair. What brand should I be looking at for struts? How much does a job like
  3. Nice post Prince...thanks for the info.
  4. LOL...and to think, we went thru grammar school pronouncing it that way!! Well thanks so much for all your help good buddy!! And I'll keep that "" wabsite close at hand as well. Enjoy the holidays!! CP
  5. It just hit me: There's nothing on the receipt that indicates he changed the pads...just the rotors. Is that possible? 94 each for rotors and no pads? I am a bit of an astronomy buff, I'll be looking at that website of yours for more than just calipers!! Pluto lives!!
  6. Thanks for this...I'll see about getting the tool. I have to go to advance auto anyway today so maybe they'll have one there. If not, will try your website and have it sent. I had to get the brakes looked at because the rotors were warped...was getting major vibration through the steering wheel when I applied the brakes so I had the rotors replaced.
  7. Wow...that's interesting. I had these replaced in July 07 ..asked my mechanic to use Toyota parts. He listed part # 43512-0631 for 2 parts at 94.00 each(brakes and rotors) on my bill. So these may not be Toyota parts? Hmmm...if so I see I have a problem with my mechanic. Can I perform a measurment without taking a wheel off? What would I use to measure it? Thanks much for your help...I appreciate it!!
  8. Just got back from my 120K service at the Toyota dealer(you guys give great advice--go to a toyota dealer INSTEAD of a lexus dealer) and they tell me I have 3mm left on my front brakes. I've gotten about 36K on the brakes so far. When I looked through the forum for opinions on this, it sounds like brakes should last about 3 years...I put about 15K per year on the car, so in my mind, I still have about 10K left before needing a front brake job. Am I on the right track? Would I go through more than 3mm of brakes in say 6 months? I'm a moderate driver...and get primarily highway miles... Thank
  9. Wilkie Lexus: I stopped going to their service department after they tried to get me to replace a timing belt that had just been replaced by an independent shop. This was effort to diagnose a noise coming out of the engine (the noise had nothing to do with the timing belt--i would have wasted hundreds of dollars if I had followed their advice). CP
  10. ******************************************************************************** ***************************************************************** If you have an Advanced Auto Parts or Auto Zone, go there and ask them look at the trouble codes. They'll do it for free (at least that's what the folks on this forum say-and I have no reason to disbelieve them). If you can find out the part that you need (name and possibly item #s) then go to and do a look up-get prices, etc (or call-see Ria who was quite helpful to me). My bet is that you'll get some good results... Hope t
  11. Hello gang, I hope someone here can help. Last week my check engine light came on...I paid $100.00 for the local auto maintenance shop to tell me that I had these trouble codes: 1411 & 402. They recommended the following: Labor Remove and replace egr temp sensor-$89.10 Remove and replace EGR valve position sensor-$49.50 Replace air filter package-$19.99 Remove and replace EGR valve-$49.50 Parts egr valve-$368.00 egr gasket(2) $5.80 egr position sensor $90.11 egr temp sensor-$309.34 After picking myself up off the floor from the sticker shock I figured that I needed some input.
  12. [Warranty repairs are paid for by the guarantor which would be Toyota. If its within 30 days the dealer is responsible] Lexus 411 Thanks much for the fast response...sorry to be dense, but just a point of clarification on the above: You mean if a warranty repair is done within 30 days of expiration (as opposed to beginning) of the warranty, then the dealer is responsible? Thanks again... CP
  13. Grettings all, When you bring the car in for CPO service, assuming that it is a legit warranty repair, does the cost of the repair come out of the dealership, or does it come from Toyota. Can one get the CPO warranty extended at the end of the warranty period? If so, do you buy from the dealer, or a party other than the dealer? Thanks for any help on this… CP
  14. Recently I started getting engine noise that sounds like a low pitched horn, seems to come from the right side of the car at idle. Noise goes away when you turn off the engine. Comes on when you start and idle the car. Noise picks up(louder) after long distance highway driving. Had a mechanic look into it. He thinks its the crank bearings(?) He pullled up a TSB (EG 001-97) that may refer to this problem. He says this should go back to the dealer who likely has seen this type of problem. Timing belt, water pump and tensioners were all recently replaced, so he ruled that out. I did a searc
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