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06 Gx 470

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After the problem has been solved, the light should reset itself after a little bit. If you've checked all your tires on the rims and found they to be properly inflated and think the light is in error....don't forget the spare! 4runner's do this too, and drives a lot of folks nuts "me included", until we realize the spare tire has a tpms in it too!

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The Tire Pressure Warning System (TPWS) monitors the difference in tire pressure in all four or five tires (if the vehicle is equipped with a full-size spare tire) through radio wave signals from a tire pressure valve/sensor mounted in each wheel. Each wheel (including the spare tire on certain vehicles) has a tire pressure warningvalve/sensor integrated into the air valve with a unique ID number that measures the tire pressure and tire temperature and then transmits the information to the antenna/receiver mounted inside the vehicle through a radio wave signal. The unique ID number must be

manually entered into the ECU using TIS Techstream whenever the tire pressure warning valve/sensor is replaced or after a tire and wheel are exchanged. The ECU takes each tire pressure, tire temperature, and unique tire pressure warning valve/sensor ID information from the antenna/receiver and compares it to the specified value, which was registered during PDS. If the information received does NOT match the specified value registered in the ECU, it will transmit a signal to illuminate the Tire Pressure Warning System Indicator Light located on the combination meter. If the ECU is replaced, it is necessary to manually enter the tire pressure valve/sensor ID numbers using TIS Techstream.

The Tire Pressure Warning System Indicator Light on the combination meter is illuminated or flashes continuously when the ECU senses that the tire pressure, tire temperature, and/or unique ID number does NOT match the specified value registered in the ECU.

Now if the owners want to have their own setting and have the ECU set to the required reading. Open your Glove compartment. There is a s/w on the frame of the glove door once opened. This is called as the Main 2nd S/w. Check whether its position is up or down. If it is Main, Using a tire pressure

gauge, check ALL tire pressures (including the spare if equipped) with a full-size spare . Check if the tyre px is low. If it is yes, then one or more

tires have damage causing an air leak. Fix it by replacing the tyre. And adjust all 5 tyres prsi by the door label mentioned on the Driver area door frame. **Insert the key and keep it at On Position, Wait for 5 minutes and you will the TPMS warning from the cluster would disappear.

If the 2ndS/w is in down position, then you need to manually return the s/w to the Main s/w position . And follow the suggestion where the ** is represented on this table.

Hope this enlightens you and solves your problem : B)

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