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  1. This is an awesome post, thanks - going to check the spare now!
  2. this is helpful, i spoke with a service writer, asked him to look it up and call me back... didnt get the call... has anyone had this issue and actually had it fixed?????????????????????? please let me know. thank you.
  3. thanks for the 'how to' on the rear blade removal.. not in the owners manual... this was very helpful today. thanks!
  4. This interesting news.. is there a reference numer for the service bullitin? I want to ensure my dealer is on the up-an-up with the fix. It feels like drive train harmonic vibration to me... any more detail is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 265-65-17 I don't think my issue is the tires because if I lift off the accellerator the noice stops. I think if it was the tires, it would continue while at the same rate of speed. Could you hear the noise on your PC from the video link? Is your noise the same? I posted earlier in response, ( 1st reply) My GX is a 2004, and it will be paid off this year and I still have the same issue. IT IS NOT THE TIRE. LEXUS knows about this, but has not done a darn thing about it.:chairshot: The noise is very annoying, I have tried everything to fix this issue, including returning the truck, but I would have lost in every case. Frankly, I do not drive the car anymore, only on occasions. My wife does not seem to hear it or just does not care. So we switched, and I am driving the Mercedes :) I just can not believe that LEXUS does not care and still have the same issue in 2007 models. They can make the car park itself, but can't overcome a very annoying and abnormal NOISE. That is why I will go back to German cars. !Removed! just don't care. Funny, I drive a Mercedes too and its great. I should have streatched a lil for the GL - SUV of the Year.
  6. can anyone confirm if this issue impacts the 2007 models?
  7. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=72...og-sl&hl=en you can hear this low harmonic sound starting at 70 mph... turn up the volume on your desktop pc. the speakers on my laptop are lame and its hard to hear 'cause its such a low pictch and the speakers are only like 1/2" in diameter. woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo... til i drive off a cliff...insane.
  8. just got the call from the dealership. they acknowledge the droning sound, yet consider this noise "normal". so, i will never buy another lexus. now my 8 hour trips to see my wifes family will be like "chinese water torture"...
  9. I am sad to see this thread. I just purchased my 2007 less than 1 month ago and have this droning harmonic sound from the front driver side. Same speeds as discribed above, 70-80 mph is terrible. it is at the dealer today for potential resolution?!?!?! the sound is most apparent when the accellerator is down, if you lift while going 70-80 the noise stops. I am not a technitian, but it seems to be driveline related not tires. the technitian and i did a drive and he confirmed that is not likely the wheel bearing or the tires. i am very disapointed with my $50k lexus... sad, very sad. all i can say is my wife with be driving this thing and may never hit 70 mph. ever.
  10. Wait were you talking about my GX? Or are you talking about my 4Runner's rims? I only have regular alloys on the GX. ;) Maybe you're referring to my 4Runner's chrome. 4Runner rims GX rims sorry, i thought you were the person from the chrome wheel thread... my bad.
  11. That's probably cause you got your GX during the Lexus December to Remember. I've noticed that even though the vehicles on car lots are now 07s, they are a little cheaper, probably to entice consumers to buy. I noticed that especially with the 07 4Runners. They are a bit cheaper than what they were back in summer 06. Probably a "holiday deal" for everything. You are right on... they took lots off before I even got into the true negotiating. By the way, I like the chrome wheels on your GX... nice.
  12. I paid way less than msrp.. only 2g's above wholesale on my 2007. year end seems to be good.