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Help! Anyone In N. Va Near Dulles With Crankshaft Pulley Tool For


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Anyone in N. VA near Dulles with the crankshaft pulley tool for doing the Timing Belt job on an LS430 that I can borrow, I'll come to you, it's the tool that you attach to the pulley so you can remove the bolt and then use a puller to remove the pulley. Most importantly it's used to hold the crank when you are putting the pulley back on and getting it torqued properly. I've read 188 ft lbs

Short notice but I have some time this weekend and I'm going to knock it out, I'll buy you some beer!

PM me or

call me at

seven - oh - three - four - oh - three - two - eight - five - nine


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If you don't get any takers, you can get one at Harbor Freight in Gaithersburg, MD for $12.99


Thanks but I've got a puller, I need the bar/lever that you bolt to the crankshaft pulley to hold it while removing and more importantly when I put it back together and need to re-torque the crankshaft bolt to 188 ft/lbs.

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Say them on eBay for around $60-70. Might be only way to get it as it is fairly specialized tool (made for Lexus Toyota)....

You could always resell it there after you are done with it.



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Search the site for timing belt replacement and you will find my description for using a large allen wrench to jam the transmission flywheel against the transmission case enabling you to remove the pulley bolt.

Crawl under the car, if you have a small flywheel access hatch with two bolts, on the bottom front of the transmission, you are in luck.

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Well in talking with a couple service techs at Toyota and Lexus they both said they use their impact on the Crankshaft bolt to tighten, one said it's fine just like that the other said use some red loctite. Being paranoid about the bolt coming loose and causing non standard stress on the end of the crank and the possibility of cracking/breaking the end of the crank, I decided to use the Red and an impact, bottomed out with red should be just fine.

Complete job done with all components including

Timing Belt

Timing Belt Tensioner

Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley

Timing Belt Idler Pulley

Water Pump

Thermostat and Gasket

Spark Plugs

Air Filter

Don't forget the -

Blue Loctite for the Tensioner Pulley Bolt

O-Ring for the T-Stat

O-Ring for the back of the water pump

O-Ring for the water inlet housing

Toyota Gasket Seal maker stuff for the housing and pump contact point

Now all I have to do is kick back and enjoy the fact that I just saved a boatload of money, parts are expensive but for the cost of getting just the belt changed at an independent I was able to do everything and then some.

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I am considering the same repair in a few months. How difficult was the repair? More or less than you expected? Did you use the special holder tool to get the cranlshaft bolt off or did you find another way? How tough was it to get it loose? Any surprises?

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