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Changing P/s Fluid


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My P/S system has had typical P/S fluid in it since I bought the car and I have not thought anything about it. A few days ago it started making a whining sound so I started reading and found out it should have ATF in it, not P/S fluid.

My question is can I just use the typical method of changing the fluid by disconnection the return line and pumping the old fluid out or do I need to drain the P/S fluid some other way before adding the ATF to it. I'm not sure if the two fluids will cause problems when mixed. I'm hoping the correct fluid and a good cleaning of the screen on the rack will solve the whining problem as the pump was replaced 5 years ago by the previous owner.

I've tried doing a search on mixing the two fluids but with the number of posts about the P/S system it seems I may never actually find what I'm looking for.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll get at that after work this morning. While I'm at it I think I might pull the reservoir and clean it and possibly get rid of the air control valve. It’s been leaking for a couple years but I just made a shield and bolted it between my pump and my alternator to deflect any fluid.

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