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Es 350 Repair Cost


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I had accident yesterday on my 2007 ES 350. The police did not issue ticket to either one. I was making left turn on the green light, and cab came with great speed and hit the right side of my car. The side airbags on passenger side got deployed. both right side car doors are heavily damaged. the car has 20K miles on it. I still owe 26K on my loan. I am not sure if they can repair my car. If not, what are my options?

any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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I don't think whether the police gave you a ticket or not is really relevant; what you described in your post would clearly place you at fault. I am not sure if this has anything to do with your 'options' or not. If the car is totaled your insurance company will give you whatever value they use in an effort to make you whole, if that value is less than 26k you will be responsible for the difference.

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Fault doesn't matter for your options, it will dictate what you'll pay for insurance in the future though. Do you have a police report?

You need to contact your insurance company and have them evaluate the car, let us know what they say.

My guess is if the side airbags deployed its totalled.

Whatever they offer you for the total loss (you can negotiate with them...) will be what you'll have to pay off the loan with. If its less than you owe, you'll have to come up with the difference unless you have gap coverage...

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