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Replaced P/s Pump- Full Turn Noise/seizing

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--UPDATE - problem below easily solved by correctly tightening one too tight and one too loose belt. It seems like a random fix but if this wasn't the required change, then it worked itself out on its own. Now on to rear oxygen sensor that doesn't want to come out, and an EGR P0401 code... DYI work would be fun if it weren't such a frackin pain. --

Hi- I recently finished my power steering pump replacement. In normal driving everything works fine. However, when first bleeding the air and still now when driving, if I turn the wheel all the way to the stops there is a high pitched squeal.

I watched the pump while a friend turned the wheel to the stops. During the squeal, the nut on the pulley 'stops' revolving briefly (a little longer than the length of a blink). It seems the belt keeps going, and all the P/S pump hoses 'jump' (non-pressurized and pressurized alike).

As far as the sound, I [assume] its the belt continuing to move along the seizing pulley.

Any ideas on a fix for the sneezing pump?


The body is a 1996- though the 1MZ-FE engine has a PS hydraulic pump cooling fan. Which means more or less that the engine is a 1994.

We aren't leaking any fluid so far.

We replaced:

PS pump

Banjo pressure hose and metal 'U' hose between pump and gears

The 'return' pressure hose that runs from pump to cooling fan's hydraulic motor.

We did not replace any non-pressure tubes or the air valve connection tubes (plug into engine).

We did not replace anything on the steering gear.

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