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  1. First off- great quality of picture. I can see much more dusty detail than normal. How many pixels? I assume its an SLR, not a point shoot? (if you had two hands available, you would have held the hoses into the light?) Secondly, Following the law of 3rds, you had great composition. The problem is that my eyes are drawn away from the subject, to the light and clean focus in the upper right. [wait- photo critique... wrong forum? ;) ] I recently changed my '96 air filter and noticed it was disconnected on mine as well. It's used to get clean air into your evap charcoal canister's air intake. (I'm guessing that its that hose given proximity to fuel filter) So- , ~200 words to say what the other guys said. plug it in. [seriously though- I like the clarity of the image.]
  2. Hi all- I have a 1996 ES300 with what I think is a 1994 early version 1mzfe engine (hydraulic cooling fan motor powered by the p/s pump). I just put in a new charcoal canister (77740-33040). This model is listed in the parts list and shown in the manual pictures. The canister I removed was shaped like a vertical shoebox and numbered (77740-33030). The old model I removed had more hoses and electronic connections, so I'm a little confused as to how to adapt the new model to my engine and ecm. -- i edited the details out -- I talked to a Lexus Parts rep- he looked up build date and original parts for me. Long story short, even he had no idea about the correct item. The canister I pulled from the car wasn't the original and wasn't even in the database. jerry-rigging continues. Pal
  3. Lucky13- Thanks. I'm finally able to move on from these oxygen sensors. I had to torch the pipe to get the rear oxygen sensor to turn. Cheers.
  4. Hi- I've followed some of the other topics regarding oxygen sensors and I have a couple of questions in clarification. I recently replaced my 1996 ES300's 2 front/engine Fuel/air sensors (commonly referred to as oxygen sensors) with Bosch OE style sensors (Toyota tipped). I am going to replace the rear sensor with a Denso. (that is delayed due to the rear O2 sensor not wanting to come out) I have read that using universal or non OE Denso oxygen sensors can cause trouble in the computer. I am not against using a higher priced sensor, but I put the Bosch in prior to becoming better educated RE sensor maker Toyota's high maintenance electronic needs. I don't know if its worth it to return the Bosch or sell via ebay. My 2 questions are- "Will mixing Bosch and Denso sensors create problems in the computer?" "What trouble (if any) can I expect from having Bosch sensors? " Any thoughts? Thank you for your time...
  5. --UPDATE - problem below easily solved by correctly tightening one too tight and one too loose belt. It seems like a random fix but if this wasn't the required change, then it worked itself out on its own. Now on to rear oxygen sensor that doesn't want to come out, and an EGR P0401 code... DYI work would be fun if it weren't such a frackin pain. -- Hi- I recently finished my power steering pump replacement. In normal driving everything works fine. However, when first bleeding the air and still now when driving, if I turn the wheel all the way to the stops there is a high pitched squeal. I watched the pump while a friend turned the wheel to the stops. During the squeal, the nut on the pulley 'stops' revolving briefly (a little longer than the length of a blink). It seems the belt keeps going, and all the P/S pump hoses 'jump' (non-pressurized and pressurized alike). As far as the sound, I [assume] its the belt continuing to move along the seizing pulley. Any ideas on a fix for the sneezing pump? -- The body is a 1996- though the 1MZ-FE engine has a PS hydraulic pump cooling fan. Which means more or less that the engine is a 1994. We aren't leaking any fluid so far. We replaced: PS pump Banjo pressure hose and metal 'U' hose between pump and gears The 'return' pressure hose that runs from pump to cooling fan's hydraulic motor. We did not replace any non-pressure tubes or the air valve connection tubes (plug into engine). We did not replace anything on the steering gear.
  6. Hi- It seems the '96 and later Es300s should come with an electric fan. Depending on the version of MZ-1FE engine that was placed within the 1995, it could have either hydraulic fan or electric. 1994s and before have hydraulics. (reference the parts list as supplied in a thread pinned on this forum). I recently replaced my power steering pump and hoses. In the process of finding the right parts, I learned that the engine in my 1996 body was a 94ish engine. It was good to know that I had to start differentiating whether I asked for '96 or '94 parts depending on the piece...
  7. I downloaded the 93/97 Factory service manuals from this forum. Within that compressed file is a .pdf that is labeled 'gen 3 camry parts list' or something like that. Those parts are basically the same between lexus/camry. That thread is pinned/red icon at the top of the first page. Cheers
  8. Found them. ECU controller is: 16929 - Valve, Hydraulic Motor Control And air transfer piece is: 17630 - Valve Assembly, Air Control
  9. Hi- I'm in the process of replacing power steering pump and pressure tubes for my ES300. Without going into too much detail, the body is 1996, but the engine seems to be <=1994 (PS powered Hydraulic cooling Fan motor vs. electric version from '95 on). The parts/connections have mostly seized, so we've resorted to cutting the tubes in order to deal with fewer bolts in removal. It's been all too long of a process and we've done our part of greenhouse emissions from the amount of liquid wrench and WD-40 we've used. Included in seized parts is the ECU part that connects to the power steering pump and determines the speed/pressure of the pump to push the hydraulic motor cooling fan faster or slower. It's a cylindrical housing that screws straight into the PS Pump. So far we haven't been able to remove it from the old pump, so we're trying to find a new one. Does anyone know that part number? I can't find it in the parts list. Likewise, on the pressure tube going from the pump to the gear, their is a small cylindrical piece with two hose outlets. These hoses plug into the carburetor (I think). That piece has been stripped/deformed and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know that part number? It is shown in the parts list as part of the pressure hose, but not available individually or with the new pressure hose. Thanks for your time and help. I'm already sick of cars entirely after the frustration of this project. Cheers-
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