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Creaks From The Dashboard


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My 3 weeks old ES 350 with less than 500 miles has creeks from the dashboard. I had an XM radio installed at the dealership before delivery which means that the radio was pulled out to have an access to the head unit.

Having said that, my observations are:

. The plastic cover which is just above the Nav screen (the whole cover which has the openings for the front vents and small security light) is very creaky on pressing around it. I am not sure if that is the case with all es 350s or mine is the unique one due to the reasons as noted above? May be I am totally off in presuming that the dealership had to pull out that plastic cover to gain access to the head unit and didn't secure the cover tightly in place.

. Left and Right speakers by the A pillars has a rattle

. Cold weather will increase these creeks and as the car warms up these creeks will diminish ( I live in Wisconsin and the temperature is still below freezing!)

. Although I have not seen a TSB for 2008 or 2009 ES 350s but there is a TSB out for 2007 ES 350 related dashboard rattle, which I have seen. I don't think that my problem is as extensive as described in that TSB.

I live 100 miles one way from the nearest Lexus Dealer where I will be visiting mid next week to have the One Month follow up with them and will bring up these issues but i would appreciate if someone in the interim can let me know their experience regarding similar issues.

Thanks in advance,



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Sorry to hear about your issues; they are not shocking.

My car was a squeaky mess the first 10k+ miles. I had them fix a rattle in the door, rear deck, seat belt clamp connected to the b-pillar, dash rattles, speaker cover rattles etc.

At some point you will get tired of asking them about rattles and taking the car to them (and I only live two miles from my dealer).

Oddly enough, my car now has 13,500 miles and I do not have one rattle or squeak. I started laughing upon my realization of this on the way home the other day.

I would call your dealer so they have a car prepared to loan you. Be very specific and just let them see if they can fix the problem.

I will give this to my Lexus dealer in Indianapolis - whenever I bought up an issue, they did everything in their power to fix it and were always pleasant in doing so – even when I was at the height of my frustration. I was the one that grew tired, not them. It is not their fault the 350 can be a hot-rattling-mess.

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