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Oil Leaks And Poor Fuel Economy


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Ok, so my care has been dripping a bit of oil for a while now (main engine seal is going, but some seal rejuvinator/stop-leak stopped it leaking since i got it ~10 months ago) the last week or so it has been dripping oil in several areas, i stopped some of it by tightening the 18 bolts that hold the sump on, but i still have about 3-4 drops (appeared after a short drive) coming from the right side of the engine bay (this is a right hand drive car by the way) and this oil is clear and fresh looking, the main engine oil is a darker brown since i've done about 4000km on it (about 2500miles) since i last changed the oil. i also tested the fuel economy and i'm getting about 20L/100km (11.7MPG) which is ridiculous as when i first got the car i was getting about 12.5-13.5L/100km (18.8-17.4mpg). anyone have any ideas? the FSMs are useless for this since there is 23 different things that can cause poor fuel economy, and the oil leakage it doesnt help much with either. the oil leak is near the center (height wise) of the engine on the right side as i have seen smoke come out from here as the oil burnt up. any help would be much appreciated!

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Take a close look at the valve cover gasket, its a bear to change, but will probably solve the oil leak from the top. As for the poor fuel economy, make sure that all the intake hoses are nice and tight....also check for any codes. Does the engine idle nice and smooth....start easy, etc etc... good luck


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