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How Do I Remove My Door Panels On My 93 Es300?clips,bolts, Please Help


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Hi everyone i just have a simple diy question.im thinking of tinting my windows on my 93 es300.now i have a problem my rear passenger window does not go down the previous owner put some type of pipe inside the door panel to hold it up.im guessing its probally off track.thats another job i need to do is get a regulator.but for right now i want to tint my windows.my question is what are the steps to taking off the door panel on our cars??i had a 93 toyota camry and i used to take the door panels off very easily in about 30 seconds.i just need to know what bolts and clips i need to remove to get my door panel off easily and without damaging my baby.please let me know i appreciate the help

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pete rock,

If you've pulled the inner door panels off the same model year Camry as your Lexus is, then you won't find a whole lot different when you do your Lexus. It will be almost exactly the same procedure.

And if you're tinting your windows, why pull the door panels anyway? I've had at least 16 vehicles tinted by the same local professional window tinter over the years, including my wife's latest ES, and not one inner door panel has been ever been removed to do the job.

He simply uses a spatula for applying bondo to push the inside rubber seal, that is along the bottom of the glass and attached to the inner door panel, down below the upper edge of the door panel. He then cleans the glass, applies the window tint sheet to the glass, and trims it just below the top edge of the door panel. After squeegying the air bubbles out between the tint sheet and the glass, and trimming the other three edges, he lets the tint set for 24 hours before lowering the windows.

The first time the windows are raised, friction grips the rubber strip at the top of the door panel and flips it back up into its original position, and just above the bottom edge of the window tint sheet. This saves having to remove and replace the door panels at all.

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