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  1. hi simple question here i need to change a couple of pieces of my exhaust on my 93 es300.i need the downpipe changed which is before the cat and off the manifold.can anyone let me know the technical name of this part?the parts store dont carry them anymore due to the age of my lexus.only the dealerships has them.please help its much appreciated
  2. ok let me know lay this out the best i can.i go to new york every weekend friday through car sits in a bus station park and ride for those days.when i come back tuesday car hesitates to start,when it does.i put the car in drive and start to move in which she hesitates and does not accelerate normally when i hit the gas.its running but doesnt accelerate with any powe.rthis last time i was blowing smoke out of the exhaust.after about 3-5 minutes round the parking lot it starts to drive again back to normal.if i drive the car everyday this doesnt happen its only when i leave
  3. hi i have a question/problem for the experts.i was taking my tire off of my 93 es300 to change and i noticed the bottom of my strut tower is really close to the top of my tire.ive had metal adjustable spacers inside the coil since i bought it from the owner he had them on there i have no idea why.they were close to the bottom of the coil so i spun them higher up to like the 3rd or 4th ring of the spring.hoping maybe it will put the pressureon the top and then the bottom will compress more so it wont be so close to the tire.has anyone had this happen with the strut tower being so close to the t
  4. For sale ihave a set of lexus es300 tail light set.this set is the 1995-1996 style but may fit 1992-1994 asking $60 obo and $15 to ship but i am negotiable and willing to help out a fellow club member in need of these.feel free to email me with any questions and/or pic request
  5. for sale is a pre owned excellent condition lexus ls400 chrome trunk emblem set exactly as pictured im asking $20 with free shipping email me with any questions
  6. hi clubbers simple steering wheel on my 93 es300 is completely worn out and torn on the top due to the really hot weather this was wearing little by little but now its shot on of course i can buy a steering wheel cover,but i really hate how cheap it looks and how bulky looking on the wheel they are.i really love the sleek look of the original steering id love to find a really tight wrap type cover.but have never seen any.ive also seen a leather wrap on ebay that you can lace up yourself.does anyone have any suggestions or options they've used or seen.any
  7. im going to get my spark plugs and wires changed in my 93 es300.dont know when the last owner had them changed im going to have my mechanic change question is since this is my first time changing them on my lexus what are the best kind to use? brands?type? if anyone has any suggestions or opinions on the type they used for there es300 id love to hear im kind of in the dark with these engines.ive never dealt with them before thanx for any help
  8. exactly as title says 92-96 lexus es300 black leather heated great shape no rips tears.shows some minor wear but looks asking $275 for it message me with any questions.
  9. ill be honest im not sure im not that mechanically inclined.i mean im not completely dumb when it comes to only happens when im at a complete stop and then hit the gas to drive.
  10. haha no i dont believe something in the trunk is the cause.when i get to a complete stop for a red light or stop sign.then i accelerate from the stop i feel a thump coming from the front end.almost feels like im running over a bump everytime i accelerate from a stop this occurs over and over again but only when accelerating from a stop.
  11. hi guys just as the title says.a day or two ago i noticed after accelerating from a stoplight i feel a slight thump from my car.almost like im driving over a bump.ive never heard this before im pretty concerned has anyone ever had this problem or ave any opinions on what this could be.please any help or input would be great thank you
  12. hi guys just a simple question.ive had my es for almost 2 years now.and not positive the last time the previous owner changed the spark plugs or like to do this to my car.i know you guys are very informative with specific plugs you car has around 107k on her and i do drive her a good any recommendation on plugs and wires id greatly appreciate
  13. hi everyone i have a question for the experts.i recently purchased a valor dd-858w. wired it up and everything looked fine powered up, sound from the speakers.when i went to drive with the radio on i hit the brake and the stereo turned off and then back on.this happened off and on when i hit the brakes.what could cause this to happen.i also didnt wire up the parking brake since im not worried about watching dvds.but would this cause this problem??does anyone have any advice on what this problem could be.any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  14. hi just simply would like opinions on what would be an average range of price from a mechanic to change my valve cover gaskets on my 93 es300.i was told when i got my oil done that they were slightly leaking.any and all info would be greatly appreciated thank you
  15. thanx tuan for taking the time to write that up for me.i know some things about cars im not an under the hood DIY'er by any means.but simple things id say i can do.ive seen valve cover gasket kits on ebay for around 30-50 bucks. a step by step picture instructions would be amazing and make life alot easier.haha not that i would expect anyone to do that
  16. simple and straight forward question hard would it be??i got my oil done recently and was told my valve covers are slightly leaking.if its difficult to costly of a job would it be to take it to a mechanic??thanx guys
  17. sounds good i will definitrly try strauss and getg the tape and wrap it just for the heck of it thanx guys
  18. i went to autozone for the muffler tape and couldnt find it.i found an epoxy type product in a tube.says to slap it on let sit 2-4 hours and it suppose to seal up the holes.
  19. the hole is on the muffler pipe that goes into the gasket that connects to the long resonator pipe i its in a bad spot.i dont think they can cut that out and weld it.
  20. hi guys i have a simple diy question.i need to replace my muffler and probally my resonator pipe.but just to get things started id like to know how hard is it to remove the muffler myself?is it just a bolt up and then take it off the hangers?im curious to see if i can remove one myself from a local salvage me some money on parts for now.please any and all help is more than appreciated thank you guys.
  21. muffler tape??is this only used for the muffler?or can i use it on my exhaust??thank you
  22. hi guys heres my problem i have a hole in the rear of my exhaust pipe leading into my muffler.its getting a little wondering what are some temporary repairs for this problem eventually im going to have to fix it the right way by just replacing it all together but kind of cash strapped after the holidays.ive heard of things like exhaust tape, or patches.does anyone have any suggestions id really appreciate it
  23. hi i need rear struts for my 93 es300 and seen one for sale but it states its a monroe rear quick strut.what does that mean?can i use it for my car??please let me know asap id really appreciate the help
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