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Home Link Reset And Program


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Hi, I am trying to reset and program my home link transmitter that came with the RX300 to work with my garage door. I have read the instruction for the Jeep but it didn't work.

I held the first and the last buttons for 20 seconds;

Then I press the button I want to program and the button of the remote of the garage door opener at the same time. I was holding the remote right next to the homelink. It still didn't work.

Any suggestion? I don't have the manual so I have no idea how to do it.


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When you held the outside 2 buttons for 20 seconds, did you wait until the light started blinking differently, or just hold it for the 20 seconds??

Also, what type of garage door opener do you have?

Do you know if it has a rolling code?

Once I get these answers I'll be able to better help you.


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