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09' Lx 570 Help! Static Through Bluettoth All Of The Time!


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I am so frustrated! I LOVE my new LX 570 but HATE trying to use my bluetooth in it. I have AT&T and a Blackberry Bold (lexus approved) and have static and interference constantly! I hear just a little popping but the majority of people I call say I sound very far away, underwater, the air sounds like its coming through the speaker or even that it seems they can hear the engine through it. Its bizarre! It seems to be most prevelent with other AT&T phones. Lexus has truly tried to help me as they have put in 2 diff. new navigation/bluetooth systems. I ahve tried 2 different at&t phones (LG Vu, alos Lexus approved and mine the BB Bold) As of yesterday I went to Verizon and got a BB Storm and BINGO same thing!!!! I ret. today and got the Verizon Curve (also Lexus approved) Lexus has told me that apparently there are known issues with GSM and nav. systems since they are basically computers. I am at a loss as it just doesn't make sense! Any suggestions? I will be using the Cdma Verizon phone tomorrow to see what happenes...the SE Regional ? even came out to "hear" the crackling and all he heard was the crackling when I dialed out. When I called him on a cell phone which was Sprint he said he sdidn't hear anything. When I called my husband rt. after on his AT&T cell he said it was horrible! What can be going on? Its not just AT&T cell users but it does certainly seem that the connection from AT&T to AT&T is the worst. I use my cell constantly and am really upset as this is such a great safety feature...for a $90,000 car shouldn't I have clarity? My Mom also has a new Lexus sedan and I cant even tell the diff. when she is on hers....At this point its been to Lexus so many times that it would qualify for the lemon law....i drove another new 570 for a few hrs. and called some friends and they all said it sounded good...L

exus actually pulled the nav. out of that one and changed it out with mine....still having the issues....My dealer is phenomenal and have been truly trying to help b ut we are all at a loss! I am ready to give up and just tell them to keep my car...any ideas what is going on?

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Did they also replace the microphone to see if that was the issue? If you hear sound like the engine and popping through the speaker, it also sounds like a grounding issue.

Yes they did....I had paired up an Altell (cdma) phone up today and the person I called said they heard static or crackles...I called Lexus within seconds and they said they heard nothing! This call was also to a land line...so it HAD to be the cell....Also today I went to Verizon and got a Blackberry Curve...same thing when I called a few friends...didn't even tell them I had changed phones when THEY commented they could barely hear me. The sweet sweet service manager at Lexus went with me for ab. 15 min. and we made a few calls from my BB Bold on AT&T to another Iphone AT&T user and he said he could here a little nosie not much though but then when we called him on a BB he could here a little more....NO ONE at Lexus hears what I and anyone I generally talk to hear! Its crazy!!! I ahve now tried 3 networks...I am not convinced its a GSM interference issue...I still think I have a $90,000 lemon!

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