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Engine Headaches


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ok so i basicly have been having alot of different issues so i thought i would just cut right to the point/details.

threw a system to rich code, cleared it and it went away.

replaced the plugs because they were the original plugs and i was at 102K miles.

then today it drove fine and came back with a system to rich code. i cleared the code, took it around the block and it came back with a misfire on #1 and #3 cylinders.

its sputtering like there is indeed a misfire on those plugs.

so with that back ground data i was wondering... what do i do next?

is it the coils?

could the new plugs of damaged the coils? (they are stock replacements)

did i damage something back there?

the car sputtered here and there before i did the plugs it that helps, it never threw a code though.



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Welcome, first give us the codes. When you replaced the plugs was there any corrosion on the ends of the plug where the coil packs plug on.? If so you may have a arcing problem on the new plugs because the coil spring was corroaded. Just a thought , but give us some codes and we we go from there. a too rich condition could be caused by the misfires (possible bad coil pack) easiest way is read code and move suspect cap and see if code changes. Also did you clean the MAF sensor....?

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