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93 Ls 400 Remote Button


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We've got two keys for our daughters 1993 LS400 (I'm currently replacing all the burned out backlights -- thanks to all for the helpful information here). Both keys and remotes work fine, except one of the keys is missing the little plastic button that locks/unlocks the doors.

If you've seen inside the plastic shell on one of these, you know the actual button sits inside the plastic, and there's a little spring-type mechanism and a hard plastic button that sticks out of the remote. The spring and the hard plastic button are missing, making it difficult to use the remote to lock or unlock the doors. It's not a big deal, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I haven't been able to rig up a solution that satisfies me.

The simple solution would seem to be getting an old key and removing those parts, but I haven't found a reasonable source for the parts. The cheapest keys I've found on Ebay are upwards of $40, and I can't stomach spending that much for the two little pieces I need. I had no luck trying to source those parts from the local Lexus dealer, and of course their price for the entire key is much worse than Ebay. Does anybody know of a source for just those parts, or does anybody have a junky old key from which they'd like to sell those parts?



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I suggest you install the Mikado Technology aftermarket keyless kit. It uses newer Lexus keys but will work with older models. It is much cheaper than buying keys from the dealership, the keys are $50 each and the receiver is $35. Picture attached.


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My dream girl........one that owns an LS400 :wub:

oh sorry back at the topic at hand! ^_^

Try Carson..


or Iron Toad..


I think they do keys...... Call Carson if you can't find it online. ;)

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