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Height High Light On Dash - Off And On


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About a month ago, my mechanic replaced the right and left upper and lower control arms / ball joints. When he did, he found that on of the hoses from the air shock system was cracked and replaced it. After that, the "Height High" light on the dash (lower left side) flashes on intermittently. Although, it flashes more often than not. When it is flashing, I can not turn it off with the switch. However, if the light is not on, I can change the switch to high and the light comes on and stays on.

What exactly is the ride height button's function?

Any ideas on why the light is flashing? The mechanic thought it may be the switch (his computer would not pop any codes).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Jon ;)

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The "Electronically Modulated Air Suspension" system is likely discussed in the "Starting and Driving" section of your owners manual.

The High position of the Height button raises the car body slightly on its suspension "For driving on rough roads which are unsurfaced or continually bumpy."

Also from the owners manual: "If the "HI" indicator light blinks, there is a malfunction in the system. Have the system checked by your Lexus dealer at the first opportunity."

There is a lengthy diagnosis procedure for the Air Suspension system in the repair manuals for your car. If your you or your mechanic do not have the repair manuals, the diagnosis procedure can be found at the subscription based online Lexus techinfo website

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