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2002 Ls430 Key Programming

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I'm hoping someone can help me out. Long complicated story, but I'm trying to repossess my 2002 LS430 Ultra-Lux from my ex- because the payments to me as agreed upon have stopped coming.

In my possession I have one of the two original keys (the ex- has the other original key) and I also have the credit card sized emergency key that came with the car in the owner manual packet. I've tried both keys and the car will turn over but won't start. I know the car runs because I just saw my ex driving it yesterday. The "regular" key transponder has a new battery and unlocks the car and steering column no problem, but when you try to start the car it just turns over and over and over without ever starting. Same thing when I use the emergency key following the instructions exactly (i.e. inserting the metal key and holding the card to the ignition in the direction of the arrow). In all cases everything seems fine by all appearances and even sounds fine as the engine turns over but it will not start. It acts as if it is out of gas but it shows a nearly full tank.

The dash board screen shows the typical 'system check' message and clears itself indicating there isn't an issue. The little red security LED to the left of the steering column stops flashing as expected.

Any ideas? Could these keys have been deactivated accidentally or intentionally? Could there be some sort of other factory ignition override? Again they are the original keys - but they haven't been used on the car in about 9 months.

I'm hoping to avoid towing costs to a Lexus dealer and the inevitable outrageous bill if this is something easy to figure out.

Thank you very much!

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