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99es300 Tech Help... P1354 Code Ocv Issue?

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Hello! I am having a P1354 Code on my 1999 ES300... It is also pulling misfire codes all cylinders on Bank 2 (2,4, and 6) My first thought was engine sludge (265,000miles on the car) so I pulled off the valve cover and no sludge... SO next I thought its probably the bank 2 OCV... I pulled out both valves... I took a 9v battery and they both click open and closed when I touch the leads with the wires from the 9v... Does this mean that the valves are both ok? I'm hoping its not the ECU but its looking more and more like thats what it is... Thank you a TON for any help!!!

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First, check the wire harness closely, make sure that the harness is not rubbing against anything. You could also try swapping the valves for one side to the other, if you get a P1349 (code for the left bank).

Unfortunately, OCV's for right and left banks are not interchangeable.

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