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Lexus Warranty

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I bought a pre-owned 2000 RX300. It has the follwoing warranties remaining:

Type of Coverage:

Original Warranty:

Basic - 48 months or 50,000 miles

Drivetrain 72 months or 70,000 miles

Remaining Coverage:

Basic - 8 months or 10,448 miles

Drivetrain - 32 months or 30,448 miles

I did not buy it from a lexus dealer. If I have any troubles with the car, can I take it to any local Lexus dealer for warranty repairs?

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I believe the warranty is transferrable. Call a local lexus dealer and ask them.

There should be no reason why it wouldn't be.

register yourself as the owner on and you will get a free owner's manual if you didn't get one.

You can find out warranty information there, too.


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Also, at the back of your Owners Manual, there should be a post card w/postage included.

Filling that out and mailing it to Lexus Corporate, would let them know that you have bought the car with all available warranties with it.

When you take your car to Lexus, the dealer will ask you for your state-issued registration card, and input you into the dealer network. Since Lexus COrporate and dealers are not on the same network, chances are you'll have to register twice.

The dealer should honour the warranty. If not, call corporate and complain.

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Warranty travels with the vehicle but other respondents give good advice.

I have a powertrain related warranty claim on a used ES300 I purchased recently. The issue may lead to an engine replacement and dealer tells me it's covered. I've only had the car for 8 weeks and 5,000 miles but it only has 58k so meets powertrain warranty.

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