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  1. Well my 2000 rx300 crapped the bed. The transmission is done. Any ideas on what a clean 2000 with 129k miles and a bad tranny is worth to a scrapyard?
  2. my daughter bumped someone in the rx, since then the temp display is just "- -" on the screen. I looked and found what im assuming is the temp sensor just dangling in front of the airdam/grill area. It looks like it clips on somewhere but i can figure out where. I guess the sensor is busted somehow and thats whay i get no reading from it. Any way to test it? Anyone know if it clips on to something at both ends? like i said, mines just hanging.
  3. can you elaborate on this switch? ours has done this afew times then just goes away. we're at 113k miles.
  4. re: strut mount bushings - my dealer said no. he said was only a tsb and doesnt affect anything other than noise so they are not fixing them unless you are still under warranty.
  5. just to encourage ya... it is a very easy repair. i did it in 5 minutes for about 60 bucks for the mast. dealer wanted few hundie! same mast is on many toyota cars as well. my wife took ours through a carwash while listening to the radio. :(
  6. maybe a bee is in there. lol try to pinpoint it, be more descriptive. is it a general rattle? coming directly from where? there alot of dash there.
  7. when the CEL came on the first time my said it was after hitting some bumps. it stayed on for a few months now. the other day my car went through a carwash that has an undercarriage wash, when i was finsihed and i cranked it up, the light was out. later that day when i cranked it up after work the light was out until i put in reverse and it clunked into reverse, then the light came back on. makes me wonder if theres could be loose connection or something odd like that. codes are 1130 and 35 btw.
  8. pulled mine today and got p1130 and p1135.
  9. doh! came right back on when i left work. you could set a clock by it. start up, watch the timer...10 minutes 'trac off' lights up. every time. cel is always on. sound normal?
  10. funny thing...took car to have cleaned at lunch today and for the 1st time since coming on, the light is off. drove from carwash back to work and it stayed off. not holding my breath though...lol
  11. i have a 2000 with similiar behavior, but my CEL stays on all the time. the TRAC OFF light will come on after 10 mins of driving. its funny, i can restart and watch the clock...10 mins...here come the trac off light. runs fine, i just have not made to autozone yet to pull the code. its a 00 w/91000 miles.
  12. anyone else notice the airbox assembly being fairly lose fitting?
  13. ?? also...while looking around, i noticed thet that entire airbox assembly is not very secure. It easily moves around (the whole thing). Is this the norm? Oh...on the MAF- did i clean it correctly or is there more to it? All i did was remove the 2 screws and pulled it out and cleaned the amber colored end. I did not even disconnect the plug, just pulled it out enough. Do i need to remove it completely? is there more to it than the amber piece?
  14. also...while looking around, i noticed thet that entire airbox assembly is not very secure. It easily moves around (the whole thing). Is this the norm?
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